Drains After Breast Augmentation Surgery

About Surgical Drains

Drains are used to remove excess fluid from a surgical site. A drain is a thin tube that is inserted into the surgical site. There is a bulb attached to the end of the tube that holds the fluid. Drains are commonly used for tummy tucks, etc., but not as commonly for breast augmentation. When the drain is ready to come out, the surgeon just pulls on the tube and it comes out very easily. It feels somewhat strange, but is not painful.

Your surgeon will ask that you measure the amount of fluid that drains from each breast. You will need to keep up with this information until you see your surgeon. When your surgeon feels that the drainage has slowed down enough, he or she will remove the drains.

Below is a photo that a site visitor submitted. She is shown here with drains.

Photos below courtesy of Dr. Steven Teitelbaum

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