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  1. benelli lift.. please help
  2. BA before babies / lift required afterwards
  3. Scarring
  4. just put 2 albums up of anchor lift with BA from pre op to 1 month post op
  5. obsessing over surgery
  6. Bellini lift pics at 8 weeks
  7. Is Dropping Delayed when BL/BA Performed Together??
  8. Rapid Recovery Dr.
  9. Anyone use Dr.Evan Sorokin from Jersey?
  10. Sleep after full anchor lift and saline implant
  11. Shape of breast after a full anchor lift
  12. Grade 3 Ptosis- what type of incision?
  13. Anchor Lift Stitches
  14. Strattice question please help!
  15. shape of breast determines which type of lift?
  16. Pointy/puffy nipples post lift?
  17. can you request smaller nipples
  18. Vertical Lift/steri strips
  19. anyone BL 1st then BA? Advantage?Disadv?
  20. Help
  21. Best Docs for BL/BA in San Diego?
  22. Lollipop lift... When did you start wearing regular bras?
  23. How did you decide which lift to get?
  24. I think I might need a lift.... (question)
  25. BA/L still bummed about the thought of Lift
  26. time off?
  27. Lifting only one breast
  28. Visible scars through thin clothing?
  29. describe what your boobs looked like after your lift
  30. 3 days post op and boobs look so freakish
  31. Spider veins?
  32. Areola reduction
  33. Taking off tape from areola
  34. 16hrs and counting!!
  35. out of surgery and this is what I ended up with.... So HAPPY!!!
  36. done with pre op the doctor said....
  37. Dr Salama Miami
  38. full anchor on one side and lollipop on the other?
  39. ~progression album temporarily public~
  40. Massage with lift?
  41. What do men think of your lift scars?
  42. Scars from lift
  43. internal bra?
  44. BL + gummy bear BA?
  45. Big breasts already! Help!
  46. Which measurements did your ps take to confirm lift
  47. Retained areola in vertical incision
  48. BL + BA and breastfeeding?
  49. Dropping after Lift
  50. BL/BA going downhill
  51. purse string suture?
  52. Lollipop lift scar
  53. How much sagging?
  54. When to start scar treatments?
  55. Cortisone Injections
  56. ~ help ~
  57. How much does a lift increase pain and recovery time?
  58. Planning for breast augmentation and Lift
  59. Natural breast hanging off implant
  60. Major Frakenboob :(
  61. Lolli pop lift
  62. Two weeks, excited and nervous!
  63. May need a revision
  64. What is a lollipop lift?
  65. CC limit with lift
  66. would you be upset?
  67. Scars
  68. Afraid of permanent loss of nipple sensation with BL
  69. How long do you
  70. D&F
  71. Full anchor lift and implants - public pics
  72. Scar Progression
  73. Two incision sites?
  74. Breast Lift & Having a Toddler
  75. preparing for BA/BL before and after
  76. I guess I do need a lift.
  77. Had my BA/BL Yesterday!!
  78. Lollipop lift and numbness
  79. Benelli or just BA? Pics up
  80. 24 days and more pictures
  81. Leaky incision
  82. Asymmetry after ba and lift
  83. Anyone pleased with lift w/o implants?
  84. My surgery is in a week!
  85. BL after implants
  86. Keller Funnel
  87. BA/Areolar Lift ~ Constricted Breast - what did you ladies pay?
  88. What did your PS prescribe you for pain?
  89. how long til i can put vitamin e on my scars?
  90. Me just being curious....
  91. Underwire bras
  92. Benelli lift
  93. D&F much with a lift?
  94. Great Video on the 3 types of breast lifts
  95. Open/Closed wounds? Scars? Help please!
  96. Breast lift girls-- Closed wounds/Hows your scar?
  97. How long does the tape stay on?
  98. Anchor lift revisions!!!
  99. 10 months post op anchor lift, scars :(
  100. 2 days left WITH boobs....
  101. Emotional after lift
  102. Lollipop lift fear
  103. My Anchor Lift Update!
  104. Anyone here with BA Revision first then BL?
  105. High breast implants BA/BL
  106. Scar treatment-what's the best????
  107. Worried - HIgh implants
  108. Too much jiggle ?
  109. Size restriction with anchor lift
  110. Benelli
  111. Recovering from a lift questions :)
  112. Itchy scars?
  113. Mastopexy lollipop full anchor what's the diff???
  114. Not doing the donut lift- Advice please!
  115. D&F after revision?
  116. Will this Flat Spot Ever Smooth Out????
  117. 6 month pics of full anchor lift
  118. can i get fullness at the top?
  119. Benelli/donut lift scarring
  120. Rapid Recovery
  121. lift questions
  122. Rant: Anchor Lift
  123. Darker?
  124. 650cc and lollipop lift today
  125. The breast-lift experts!
  126. 2 different PS opinions. Confused!
  127. calling all anchor girls!
  128. Lift after implants?
  129. Did any of you have...
  130. How long are your anchor lift scars?
  131. Inferior crescent lift?
  132. Anchor lifts and nipples
  133. Downsizing 700cc Impants w/ Full Lift
  134. Dr. Krau
  135. HIgh implants
  136. silicone or saline
  137. Will this be enough time?
  138. 6 wks pics posted for those of you considering lift
  139. alot of revisions???
  140. Worried about fullness and roundness if I add a lift. Help!
  141. super sensative nipples???
  142. BL Scars
  143. yesterday was ma big day
  144. Areola scab and pigment loss
  145. Lifts and boxy/square look
  146. Making My Ex Regret
  147. How long did it take to go back to...
  148. Those of you that skipped the lift....
  149. Diffrrent type of lift on each side
  150. Have anyone scheduled a surgery after on-line contact only?
  151. Lollipop/Anchor lift ladies!
  152. Lollipop/Anchor lift ladies!
  153. Surgery next week - having a panic :/
  154. Benelli surgeon in Vancouver area?
  155. Open wounds after BL, Silvadene? Please help!
  156. Mastopexy & augmentation scars different lengths
  157. How did your childen (young) react, were you worried?
  158. Question re Going Back to the Gym
  159. ok ladys 400-500cc need your help !
  160. ladies interested in a lift..check out scar progression
  161. The largest implant with full lift
  162. Just had revised lift from 400 Mod+ to 500 HP but look smaller!
  163. Healing time from lift done AFTER/SEPARATE from BA.
  164. BA/BL with Dr. Lenny Roudner
  165. Invincible Scar Cream
  166. anyone with large implants get a lift and smaller implants?
  167. Bras after 1 month post-op
  168. Quoted almost $17,000 for lift plus augmentation(Leonard Gray in SF)
  169. OUCH!!
  170. Freaking over lift
  171. Nosey Coworker has too much time on her hands!!
  172. 2 step procedures
  173. Had a benelli lift (without implants) 3 days ago; wondering about a couple things...
  174. BL Scars
  175. Progression pics =D
  176. Appetite post BA/BL?
  177. Does anyone regret getting a Benelli lift?
  178. BA incision
  179. 1st day back to the gym!
  180. Bra recommendation for you (anchor lift)
  181. Breasts after pregnancy
  182. Anyone 6-12months after anchor lift and ba?
  183. Could I be sagging already?
  184. Looking for some motivation post op
  185. Decisions....
  186. Lolli pop lift
  187. Those who have gotten breast lifts??
  188. overfilling question
  189. BL/BA Surgery Tomorrow
  190. Single mom. Ba/Bl
  191. Anyone not happy with size and had a revision?
  192. Driving, light housework, etc.. after BA/BL
  193. Full anchor lift scars
  194. Breast Lift With Dr. Pascual
  195. What is this??
  196. I have my surgery date!Any advice please!!!
  197. Is anyone willing to share any pics of their augmentation with benelli?
  198. Donut lift scars...
  199. Crescent life - anyone have an issue with theirs?
  200. Anybody get a lift on just one side?
  201. Paying for lift
  202. SALINE OR SILICONE!!!! with anchor lift
  203. Going from Big to Small & getting a lift? Experience?
  204. Feeling in nipples after lollipop lift!
  205. Does it look like I need a lift?
  206. 6-27-13
  207. Help i want to see end results for benelli ladies
  208. 10 Days PO Lift
  209. periareola lift bunching?
  210. Massage BA and benelli lift
  211. how long did you take pain meds...
  212. Benelli lift
  213. Anchor Lift
  214. Full lift and downsizing need Dr. recommendations
  215. Visibility of anchor scar?
  216. *Breast Aug & Anchor Breast Lift*
  217. 4 weeks after surgery. Sore spots?
  218. Lift and keep current implants??
  219. Working after a BL/BA?
  220. Advice from the experts please
  221. Questions
  222. Benelli lift with dissolving stitches?? Problems?
  223. No steri strips---surgical glue???
  224. One areola is larger than the other after benelli
  225. Help!!! When should I take steri-strips off?
  226. One year lift aniv. pics!
  227. Do you actually loose size with a BL or are you just use to baggy pointless skin?
  228. full anchor lift and implants replaced with larger
  229. Pics - Implant and Uplift
  230. Swollen Nipples- UPDATE
  231. Husband worries....
  232. Couple of pics up - do you think i need a lift?
  233. Supersized Nipples! (Benelli lift)
  234. How long should you wait after BA to get BL?
  235. Cocoa Butter for scars?
  236. Donut/Benelli Lift?
  237. Breast uplift and implant
  238. Scar cream other than Vitamin E oil
  239. 6 weeks post op, incisions under tape are sore
  240. Scheduled June 26th
  241. Does BL Change Your Breast Size?
  242. 5'10 and 144lb - 450-500cc with lift? Is that like you?
  243. 10 weeks post op - tape came off today!!
  244. Freaking out!
  245. What brand and type of sports bra did u wear?
  246. Anchor lift/BA to correct asymmetry--how long did it take to tell?
  247. Does anyone REGRET an Anchor lift?
  248. Donut lift and augmentation. Bad scarring?
  249. Need opinions
  250. How Much Was Your BL? And Other ?s

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