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  1. Lift and implant at the same time
  2. Are you worried you're going to sag again?
  3. Scar treatment-how long did you do it for?
  4. Incision bleeding
  5. Anchor lift with implant ~ bra for 4+ weeks found!!
  6. Uploaded Public Pics!
  7. Which PS Did You Use For Your Lift/Aug Revision?
  8. Breast Lift Help!!!
  9. Breast lift with breast augmentation
  10. 800CC HP Unders with Anchor Lift
  11. Do BL's fluff?
  12. Totally discounted getting Benelli lift, now rethinking it...
  13. Still flat on the bottom? Stitches
  14. Surgery
  15. Does PS remove breast tissue?
  16. Painful bellini scars 5 months
  17. BL after BA
  18. Does a lift decrease your size?
  19. Lollipop lift and over the muscle
  20. Wet to dry dressings?
  21. Ladies who has an anchor lift...best post op bra?
  22. Weight loss before or after lift
  23. Stiches removal - How painful?
  24. BL only recovery
  25. Any other liars? :)
  26. tip of one nipple is blue, HELP
  27. hurts so bad to take bra off and put back on
  28. RIP Dr Daniel Azurin- A Great Lift Doctor Gone Too Soon
  29. Chest Tattoo and Implants anyone?
  30. Dr. Freiman at Coral Gables
  31. Incisions and lifts?
  32. hematoma and seroma
  33. Bra-less?
  34. Dropping
  35. spitting stitches
  36. Nipple scars laser treated?
  37. 8.5 hours until surgery....
  38. feeling like a million bucks
  39. Best sort of implant for a lift?
  40. 8 days post op and increased pain/swelling
  41. Anyone have Rapid Recovery & a lift?
  42. 2 weeks! & regular bra!
  43. How long until they sag again?
  44. Are my nips falling off?
  45. Wrap or Sports Bra? 1 week post
  46. Recovery time
  47. D&F?
  48. Broken capillaries around nipple scars
  49. Incision Pain and lumps 4 months PO
  50. can I use my same implants
  51. 1 day post op, lollipop lift
  52. Reasonable cost for BL/BA in DFW area?
  53. Uh oh - I just reached up!
  54. what questions should I ask?
  55. Got my anchor lift and breast implants! Yay!
  56. breast lift now going bigger
  57. Question about breast lifts and weight loss
  58. No compression band with BL/BA combo?
  59. 2.5wks later, steri strips off AND...
  60. Recovery Time ??
  61. 3.5 months po lollipop lift and explant
  62. 6 months post lift/BA
  63. Two Days away - nervous of what they'll look like at first!
  64. Anybody with lift only photos to share?
  65. How long did you take pain meds?
  66. Pre-Op was today!
  67. ladies 5'8" and up w/ 400cc or more
  68. Afraid to look in the mirror?
  69. What would you do?
  70. Healing....How long?
  71. Any ladies get two different lifts??
  72. Revised Anchor Lift Pictures Posted
  73. Fresh out of surgery!
  74. The New Anchor Lift!
  75. calling all lift ladies w/ around 500cc's
  76. 14 weeks progression - private folder
  77. Anchor lift post op day 1
  78. Anchor lift and implants
  79. Did you know you needed a lift?
  80. I would love some reassurance about scarring
  81. Full anchor lift + implants ladies
  82. How long did your lift stay lifted?
  83. breast sensitivity? ! ouch!
  84. benelli lift.. please help
  85. BA before babies / lift required afterwards
  86. Scarring
  87. just put 2 albums up of anchor lift with BA from pre op to 1 month post op
  88. obsessing over surgery
  89. Bellini lift pics at 8 weeks
  90. Is Dropping Delayed when BL/BA Performed Together??
  91. Rapid Recovery Dr.
  92. Anyone use Dr.Evan Sorokin from Jersey?
  93. Sleep after full anchor lift and saline implant
  94. Shape of breast after a full anchor lift
  95. Grade 3 Ptosis- what type of incision?
  96. Anchor Lift Stitches
  97. Strattice question please help!
  98. shape of breast determines which type of lift?
  99. Pointy/puffy nipples post lift?
  100. can you request smaller nipples
  101. Vertical Lift/steri strips
  102. anyone BL 1st then BA? Advantage?Disadv?
  103. Help
  104. Best Docs for BL/BA in San Diego?
  105. Lollipop lift... When did you start wearing regular bras?
  106. How did you decide which lift to get?
  107. I think I might need a lift.... (question)
  108. BA/L still bummed about the thought of Lift
  109. time off?
  110. Lifting only one breast
  111. Visible scars through thin clothing?
  112. describe what your boobs looked like after your lift
  113. 3 days post op and boobs look so freakish
  114. Spider veins?
  115. Areola reduction
  116. Taking off tape from areola
  117. 16hrs and counting!!
  118. out of surgery and this is what I ended up with.... So HAPPY!!!
  119. done with pre op the doctor said....
  120. Dr Salama Miami
  121. full anchor on one side and lollipop on the other?
  122. ~progression album temporarily public~
  123. Massage with lift?
  124. What do men think of your lift scars?
  125. Scars from lift
  126. internal bra?
  127. BL + gummy bear BA?
  128. Big breasts already! Help!
  129. Which measurements did your ps take to confirm lift
  130. Retained areola in vertical incision
  131. BL + BA and breastfeeding?
  132. Dropping after Lift
  133. BL/BA going downhill
  134. purse string suture?
  135. Lollipop lift scar
  136. How much sagging?
  137. When to start scar treatments?
  138. Cortisone Injections
  139. ~ help ~
  140. How much does a lift increase pain and recovery time?
  141. Planning for breast augmentation and Lift
  142. Natural breast hanging off implant
  143. Major Frakenboob :(
  144. Lolli pop lift
  145. Two weeks, excited and nervous!
  146. May need a revision
  147. What is a lollipop lift?
  148. CC limit with lift
  149. would you be upset?
  150. Scars
  151. Afraid of permanent loss of nipple sensation with BL
  152. How long do you
  153. D&F
  154. Full anchor lift and implants - public pics
  155. Scar Progression
  156. Two incision sites?
  157. Breast Lift & Having a Toddler
  158. preparing for BA/BL before and after
  159. I guess I do need a lift.
  160. Had my BA/BL Yesterday!!
  161. Lollipop lift and numbness
  162. Benelli or just BA? Pics up
  163. 24 days and more pictures
  164. Leaky incision
  165. Asymmetry after ba and lift
  166. Anyone pleased with lift w/o implants?
  167. My surgery is in a week!
  168. BL after implants
  169. Keller Funnel
  170. BA/Areolar Lift ~ Constricted Breast - what did you ladies pay?
  171. What did your PS prescribe you for pain?
  172. how long til i can put vitamin e on my scars?
  173. Me just being curious....
  174. Underwire bras
  175. Benelli lift
  176. D&F much with a lift?
  177. Great Video on the 3 types of breast lifts
  178. Open/Closed wounds? Scars? Help please!
  179. Breast lift girls-- Closed wounds/Hows your scar?
  180. How long does the tape stay on?
  181. Anchor lift revisions!!!
  182. 10 months post op anchor lift, scars :(
  183. 2 days left WITH boobs....
  184. Emotional after lift
  185. Lollipop lift fear
  186. My Anchor Lift Update!
  187. Anyone here with BA Revision first then BL?
  188. High breast implants BA/BL
  189. Scar treatment-what's the best????
  190. Worried - HIgh implants
  191. Too much jiggle ?
  192. Size restriction with anchor lift
  193. Benelli
  194. Recovering from a lift questions :)
  195. Itchy scars?
  196. Mastopexy lollipop full anchor what's the diff???
  197. Not doing the donut lift- Advice please!
  198. D&F after revision?
  199. Will this Flat Spot Ever Smooth Out????
  200. 6 month pics of full anchor lift
  201. can i get fullness at the top?
  202. Benelli/donut lift scarring
  203. Rapid Recovery
  204. lift questions
  205. Rant: Anchor Lift
  206. Darker?
  207. 650cc and lollipop lift today
  208. The breast-lift experts!
  209. 2 different PS opinions. Confused!
  210. calling all anchor girls!
  211. Lift after implants?
  212. Did any of you have...
  213. How long are your anchor lift scars?
  214. Inferior crescent lift?
  215. Anchor lifts and nipples
  216. Downsizing 700cc Impants w/ Full Lift
  217. Dr. Krau
  218. HIgh implants
  219. silicone or saline
  220. Will this be enough time?
  221. 6 wks pics posted for those of you considering lift
  222. alot of revisions???
  223. Worried about fullness and roundness if I add a lift. Help!
  224. super sensative nipples???
  225. BL Scars
  226. yesterday was ma big day
  227. Areola scab and pigment loss
  228. Lifts and boxy/square look
  229. Making My Ex Regret
  230. How long did it take to go back to...
  231. Those of you that skipped the lift....
  232. Diffrrent type of lift on each side
  233. Have anyone scheduled a surgery after on-line contact only?
  234. Lollipop/Anchor lift ladies!
  235. Lollipop/Anchor lift ladies!
  236. Surgery next week - having a panic :/
  237. Benelli surgeon in Vancouver area?
  238. Open wounds after BL, Silvadene? Please help!
  239. Mastopexy & augmentation scars different lengths
  240. How did your childen (young) react, were you worried?
  241. Question re Going Back to the Gym
  242. ok ladys 400-500cc need your help !
  243. ladies interested in a lift..check out scar progression
  244. The largest implant with full lift
  245. Just had revised lift from 400 Mod+ to 500 HP but look smaller!
  246. Healing time from lift done AFTER/SEPARATE from BA.
  247. BA/BL with Dr. Lenny Roudner
  248. Invincible Scar Cream
  249. anyone with large implants get a lift and smaller implants?
  250. Bras after 1 month post-op

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