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  1. How to decide on lift w/ implants or just implant??
  2. NEED HELP - BL with or without implant
  3. How long till you can get sized after BL?
  4. Need some help
  5. 4 weeks - new pics are up
  6. How much did you pay for revision/) larger
  7. 5 months PO and lost another inch :(
  8. 3months po lollipop lift pics added!
  9. (Post-OP) Leaking blood through bandage days after?
  10. Lollipop lift under local anesthesia?
  11. No feeling after benelli lift
  12. Twas the night before...
  13. IPL laser
  14. What Implants did you get?
  15. 4 Dang Days!
  16. It's done! with pics
  17. Day after breast lift and implant exchange
  18. Pre-Op Appointment Today
  19. Just posted a pic 10 month post op
  20. Benelli lift(one side only)
  21. Regretting my anchor lift scars :(
  22. Sharp, shooting pain after 16 months...
  23. Finally found the YT video I've been searching for...
  24. Breast lift options
  25. So who DIDN'T have to go back for a revision ?
  26. going braless is my dream!
  27. BWD change with lift?
  28. Limitations of a BL? (aka Advice from Women with BLs Please!)
  29. BA and Vertical "lollipop" Lift at the same time
  30. Concerned with skin looking "pulled" with Areola Lift with BA
  31. Real and Saggy vs lifted with implant. Do they feel different?
  32. Recovery Time
  33. Breat Lift With "augmented look"
  34. HELP 500cc or 590cc UHP
  35. what is "fluffing"
  36. Scar care
  37. 2 stage, lift then implants
  38. Silicone sheeting?
  39. Will my lift be ruined if I have another baby?
  40. Being braless feels strange
  41. Expensive lollipop lift
  42. Lollipop lift 1 week PO pics
  43. Bruising
  44. anchor lift, 3wks out - small hole in incision
  45. How long did you feel pain in your incisions?
  46. How active were you the day after?
  47. 9 M PO pictures
  48. Had my lollipop this morning!
  49. Any yogi advice?
  50. 9 week anchor scar pics
  51. Lollipop lift tomorrow morning eeek!!
  52. Finally got to post pics..... I still think I'm small
  53. Now that you have settled are your nipples even?
  54. How long until you truly feel "normal"
  55. benelli or anchor
  56. Alcohol the week before BL
  57. Officially one month till BL (and temp explant :sad: )
  58. So did you get to see your after pics in the office
  59. how long are crease incisions sore? any coping methods?
  60. My boobs look great..... Only in a bra :(
  61. Ladies w/lifts and augmentation sports bra at night?
  62. September 15 is the "big" day!
  63. Fitted in a 34DD but still look very small?
  64. 8 days post-op, full anchor w unders, positive healing stories welcomed
  65. Anyone went back to go bigger, does it cost more?
  66. Kinda freaking! Pre op tomorrow!
  67. Breast lifts a year+ later?
  68. Do you drop and fluff with an anchor lift?
  69. I have been thinking about this...
  70. Lift these suckers up!
  71. Still feeling small
  72. d & f fairy came overnight
  73. Getting nervous!!
  74. Post OP Bra?
  75. Going for another BL.. and new implants 4 years later
  76. Incision Coming Open
  77. Day Before Surgery-and the internet is NOT my friend!
  78. Another "Do I look like I need a lift?" thread
  79. I just updated my avi pic...
  80. 1st consult, need BL and BA
  81. Skinmed Recovery Scar Gel
  82. BL BA Day 1 Swelling
  83. Will lift scar soften?
  84. thinking of doing my BL/BA over i still feel to big 😭
  85. Breast lifts only and the "key hole" scar
  86. Why get scar revision?
  87. Do you think I will need a lift?
  88. Decided on BL ONLY no Implants
  89. Still on for tomorrow's surgery, but what about my cough..
  90. Head cold 3 days before surgery
  91. Rethinking size and my surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday!!
  92. new 1 year s/p BA/BL pic posted
  93. Removing current implants in order to get the best BL, then redoing BA later?
  94. donut vs lollipop vs none, Help!
  95. donut vs lollipop
  96. Getting your husband and kids all set before the big day
  97. Women who have had csections and have had bl/ba
  98. Ladies please help me with! Super stressed
  99. Very confused lift or no lift with BA??? Help??
  100. Breast Lift/ Implant on already large breasts. NEED HELP!
  101. so confused after consultations. help!
  102. What scar remedies/creams to use?
  103. waxy looking skin
  104. Donut lift
  105. Going bigger with a lift?
  106. Dr. David Watts
  107. How long did you wait till you let SO see?
  108. How much bruising is too much?
  109. Anyone with multiple lifts?
  110. I took a dragoff a cigarette 4 days pre op PLEASE HELP
  111. 2 Part Surgery BL then BA??
  112. Calling girls who had lifts???
  113. 3.5 months PO BL+BA+areola reduction
  114. Crease
  115. Lift causes longer drop time?
  116. BL but keep existing implants?
  117. Anyone insight on internal bra/pocket revision/capsulorraphy?
  118. Lift or not?
  119. Smallest size the areola can be reduced?
  120. How long does it take for cuts to heal for BL?
  121. Donut lift and seeing outline of stitches through shirt
  122. just a breast lift!!
  123. Feeling scared about BL and Aug on Wednesday
  124. Revision 7/2
  125. Borderline Lift and wanting implants? Tips on how to decided
  126. How is your upper pole fullness with a full lift?
  127. Corrective surgery
  128. 4 weeks post op
  129. Breast lift after implants to reduce rippling?
  130. When did you go back to work?
  131. When did your incisions begin to heal?
  132. Anchor vs. lollipop lift?
  133. Scars, bruising, and frakinboob
  134. Recommended breast lift + augmentation surgeons in the US?
  135. Nipple covers for those with a donut lift?
  136. How much did your breast lift cost?
  137. What do breast lift scars actually feel like?
  138. Breast Lift only recovery
  139. Exercise after BL/BA? Swimming?
  140. Implant Size for Lifts?
  141. Breast Lift and Implant Recovery Worries
  142. Lift after weight loss - anyone need a 2nd lift later?
  143. Rice sizers question
  144. 3 years out today! BL/BA
  145. Anyone decide not to get a lift/implants only?
  146. Pretty sure I need a lift
  147. 4 days
  148. Scarless breast lift procedure
  149. Another Dr. Hedden girl; -)
  150. Adding ccs with breast lift?
  151. My post Op photos are up!
  152. Austin, TX Breast Lift -Breast lift Cost
  153. Holes under breasts
  154. Benelli scar revision
  155. BL/BA in JULY!!!
  156. Still bruised 8 weeks out
  157. Worried about the scars
  158. For those on the fence about a lift
  159. Considering a lift... questions?
  160. Breast Lift with implants
  161. Public album deciding on lift
  162. Post of anchor lift via Dr. Pousti...women of color
  163. Areola Issues
  164. Upper pole and lift
  165. Massaging after a lift
  166. Lift w/strattice and implant replacement next week!
  167. I finally looked, 3 days PO...
  168. How common is a second lift?
  169. Getting a lift and told I can't pick my cc size??
  170. Post op reassurance needed
  171. Did anybody have a revision breast lift?
  172. 11 Days post op...underwire ok for a few hours or no bra?
  173. BA and lift across the pond :)
  174. Breast Lift, and areola ?
  175. Breast Lift Long Island..help!!
  176. Wake up, nipple!!
  177. Weight gain & bra size
  178. So happy I did this! Posted pics
  179. Full Anchor Lift+Implants Before Pregnancy
  180. Anyone with large overs...
  181. No Bra OK??
  182. Boxed and squared after anchor lift
  183. Cleared for a bra with Underwire?
  184. Girls with lifts... I have lots of cleavage
  185. Laser lift
  186. Finally had surgery!! 3-31-2014
  187. Flat puckered nipples
  188. Soooo Emotional!
  189. BL (anchor) 18 days post-op, nipples extremely sensitive
  190. Lift and implant at the same time
  191. Are you worried you're going to sag again?
  192. Scar treatment-how long did you do it for?
  193. Incision bleeding
  194. Anchor lift with implant ~ bra for 4+ weeks found!!
  195. Uploaded Public Pics!
  196. Which PS Did You Use For Your Lift/Aug Revision?
  197. Breast Lift Help!!!
  198. Breast lift with breast augmentation
  199. 800CC HP Unders with Anchor Lift
  200. Do BL's fluff?
  201. Totally discounted getting Benelli lift, now rethinking it...
  202. Still flat on the bottom? Stitches
  203. Surgery
  204. Does PS remove breast tissue?
  205. Painful bellini scars 5 months
  206. BL after BA
  207. Does a lift decrease your size?
  208. Lollipop lift and over the muscle
  209. Wet to dry dressings?
  210. Ladies who has an anchor lift...best post op bra?
  211. Weight loss before or after lift
  212. Stiches removal - How painful?
  213. BL only recovery
  214. Any other liars? :)
  215. tip of one nipple is blue, HELP
  216. hurts so bad to take bra off and put back on
  217. RIP Dr Daniel Azurin- A Great Lift Doctor Gone Too Soon
  218. Chest Tattoo and Implants anyone?
  219. Dr. Freiman at Coral Gables
  220. Incisions and lifts?
  221. hematoma and seroma
  222. Bra-less?
  223. Dropping
  224. spitting stitches
  225. Nipple scars laser treated?
  226. 8.5 hours until surgery....
  227. feeling like a million bucks
  228. Best sort of implant for a lift?
  229. 8 days post op and increased pain/swelling
  230. Anyone have Rapid Recovery & a lift?
  231. 2 weeks! & regular bra!
  232. How long until they sag again?
  233. Are my nips falling off?
  234. Wrap or Sports Bra? 1 week post
  235. Recovery time
  236. D&F?
  237. Broken capillaries around nipple scars
  238. Incision Pain and lumps 4 months PO
  239. can I use my same implants
  240. 1 day post op, lollipop lift
  241. Reasonable cost for BL/BA in DFW area?
  242. Uh oh - I just reached up!
  243. what questions should I ask?
  244. Got my anchor lift and breast implants! Yay!
  245. breast lift now going bigger
  246. Question about breast lifts and weight loss
  247. No compression band with BL/BA combo?
  248. 2.5wks later, steri strips off AND...
  249. Recovery Time ??
  250. 6 months post lift/BA