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How Do your Saline implants feel?

Hi ladies
Just got my girls and I am falling in Love with them more and more everyday. Pre op I was a 32AA with almost no fatty tissue, now that the girls are in they are becoming squishy but you can feel the implant (its like squeezing a stress ball). My question is will this stress ball feeling soften? Ladies with similar stats, what do your girls feel like.

I got saline implants under the muscle 250cc overfilled to 275cc

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I think for me they softened quite a bit but it took awhile for the muscle to relax and let the implant fluff. But that being said they still feel more firm. I don't notice so to say that I have an implant unless I lay on my stomach and they are squished. Then i can really feel them. They feel squishey but firm lol if that makes sense.


Pre breast augmentation
5' 3" 125 lbs.
29" ribcage
425 cc saline unders
(375 filled to 425 moderate profile)
breast augmentation Feb. 9th 2010
32 ddd

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I don't have implants yet but a few of my friends have saline and one went from an A cup to a D cup. Her breast were squishy but firm, like how perky breast feel she had no kids and had been small her whole life. another was a mom of four the oldest 19 (idk if she breast fed) hers were firm and I could feel the implant edge at the bottom of her boobs. But weirdly in comparison to the silicone ones I have felt the salines seemed way more soft, idk the silicone ones I have felt may have been newer it's just my opinion.
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Margot will become famous soon enough
I had 275-300 and although got softer, it really bugged me because at three months got to the point I could feel ripples and felt like a water baggy to me.
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Mine are soft yet firm. They def do not feel as soft as a natural breast, but I love them. The little bit of firmness keeps them perky in my opinion. I love my salines and am glad I did go with saline.


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Old 02-10-2012, 07:54 AM   #6
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!! PEANUT BUTTER JELLY!! :D
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When I first got my surgery,
I wasn't old enough to get the silicones,
so I went with the salines instead.

I don't know about anyone else,
but almost 4 months in, mine are very soft lately!
But some times when I jump around or something,
I swear I feel a soft swish inside my chest,
like I'm shaking up with water bags lol.

I haven't really felt anyone with silicone boobs,
but as far as being soft goes, I think saline is still pretty awesome.
Gotta give em time to D&F though.
Just my opinion. =]
Kissy! :D

22 Years Old


118 lbs

Pre Op:
34A (so disappointing)

Post op:
34C originally ....
Resized ... 34D as of 12/06/11!

Implant Information:
Natrelle Implants
400cc, both sides
Moderate Plus Profile
Smooth & Round!

Feeling great & looking fabulous!

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mine feel more firm but natural, I love the way they feel and look
130 Lb
preop 36 C
postop 32 H or 34 G

Implant Info:
Allergan Naturelle ~ Saline ~ MP 68~ 600cc under muscle , no lift

I have a private album....please send me a FR and message .thanks

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I agree with the other ladies, they feel firm but natural. Mine are squishy and I love them The only downside is that you can feel the edge of the implant along the underside of the breast if you really look for it. My surgeon said that with silicone, the edge would be less obvious but would still be there, nonetheless. Regardless of whether I can feel the edge or not, I wouldn't trade these suckers for anything
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I'm 7 weeks PO and mine have just now started to soften....I think the other word on this site is "fluffed". They have changed A LOT in these 7 weeks. I have 350 cc saline unders and they feel nice and soft yet they are perky...not a sag or ripple to be found! I haven't felt many BA breasts so I don't have much to compare to, but I can't feel my implant unless I'm lying on my stomach. They feel natural to me.
45 years old, 5'7", 135 lbs.
pre: 36A (deflated after breastfeeding 2 babies)
post: 36C
350cc saline unders, surgery Dec.22, 2011
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thanks ladies

I am getting my 475cc salines next Friday. This was so helpful
Mentor moderate plus, smooth Saline Round
400 cc Both filled to 450cc
41 / Grandma and mom of 2
5'2 108lbs
Dr. Vasdev S. Rai

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English Girl is on a distinguished road

I had my surgery on Feb 1st, and I have been searching for the edges of the implants and I can't feel a thing. Granted I had a lot of tissue before surgery but I swear I can't feel neither of my implants and my breast do not feel like water balloons at all. I am very happy with my Salines so far. HTH..
My PS: Dr. Don Revis
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