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Undecided between 375cc and 415cc range of silicone options.
Breast Augmentation - 1 week ago4 answers
I'm having trouble deciding how many cubic centimeters to get. I've been to a couple consultations and decided that my cubic centimeter range is 375-415. I want it to look somewhat proportionate to my petite frame, and I don't want to look top heavy. I'm aiming towards the 400-415 cc range. I'm 5'2", 120lbs, currently 34B. I know for sure I want silicone round, moderate profile, under the muscle dual plane placement, and the breast crease incision. What do you think?
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Breast augmentation for a trans-woman.
Breast Augmentation - 2 weeks ago3 answers
Hi, I am a trans-woman and am currently a 36A. I want to have a natural looking 36C after my breast augmentation surgery. From my research, I learned that many surgeons recommend placing the implants in the submuscular regions of the chest in smaller-framed women. I am 112 lbs, and 5 feet 9 inches. Do you recommend placing the implants in the those areas? Also, do you believe that the benefits from inserting the implants in the submammary folds outweigh the risk of hyper-pigmentation?
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My implants have ruptured and I am having them removed. My surgeon has suggested that I just have an uplift and not seek new implants.
Breast Implant Removal - 2 weeks ago4 answers
How bad will the scarring be? Will I lose all sensation in my nipples ? What is the recovery period ?
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Car accident and had surgery to replace, but MRI shows masses of silicone still inside with a rippled implant. Is it dangerous?
Breast Implant Replacement - 2 weeks ago3 answers
Disucussed with my doctor three times and had images sent directly to him. But after two months, I went to have an MRI and there were MASSES silicone I can fell, and the implant is rippled since there is no room for it. How long should I wait? How dangerous is it to leave the silicone in? Please help.
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During sex, my breast started bleeding. What should be done about this?
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago6 answers
I had breast augmentation 10 days ago. Yesterday during sex i saw a drop of blood. It was spotting. I cleaned and covered it. This morning it wasn't bleeding. No swelling or pain. I can't get in to see a surgeon until Wednesday. So what do i do until then? Should i stop massaging? Put my bra back on? Clean and dress the wound daily? Or leave it open to air? My surgery was done out of state and that surgeon is no help.
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My breast lift/augmentation surgery is less than a week away & I have a UTI. Do I have to postpone surgery?
Breast Implant Revision - 1 month ago7 answers
I have read that capsular contracture is caused by bacteria. Can bacteria anywhere in your body affect this?
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Reconstructive Surgery for PCOS
Breast Reconstruction - 1 month ago3 answers
I have PCOS. My left breast never developed properly, and I have to wear a prosthetic every day to look normal. Is there any way to get help with insurance to cover reconstructive surgery to look normal? I have attempted to get this covered in the past, and my surgeon put it through as a variation of Poland Syndrome thinking that could be the issue. I was initially approved for surgery, but then my insurance denied everything when he asked for approval on specifics on what would be done.
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Can I put my nipple rings back in right after surgery?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago4 answers
My PS said I can put my nipple rings in right after surgery so they will not close. I am getting my incision in the fold under the breast. I have heard some PS say to wait a period of time. I trust my PS and he has a lot of experience, but I am worried about other surgeons that say not to do this. What are your opinions?
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If my BWD is 11.5-12 CM, is an implant 12.5 CM in width too big?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago4 answers
My PS recommends moderate plus for my body type. 355cc is 12 in width but I want to go one size bigger just to assure myself that I am big enough. I know there is not much difference, but everyone says they wish they went bigger. However the 385cc implant is 12.5 in width. Will this be too wide? What issues could I have with this?
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What should I do about implant rippling and movement?
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago7 answers
Had my augmentation on 3/27/17 - Mentor 325cc & 350cc silicone under muscle. Two weeks post-op I have rippling and can feel the implant move when I bend forward or move my arm. My surgeon said it's normal because I am so thin. The rippling I can deal with, but feeling the implant move is bothering me. I did everything I was supposed to do eg: not drive, did massage, etc. Is it normal to be able to feel the implant move, and will it get better? Is there anything I can do to minimise it? Thanks.
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I am 20 years old and had breast implants put in 7 months ago. The top half of my right areola is puffy. The bottom part is flat and kind of dipped.
Breast Augmentation - 1 month ago4 answers
Sometimes it looks normal and other times I look down and it's like the nipple faces downwards because the bottom half of the areola is not puffy. Is this an issue? Is it due to scar tissue?
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What implant replacements should I choose for more projection and fullness?
Breast Implant Replacement - 1 month ago5 answers
I am 45 years old. 5' 6" 124 lbs. 32 small C. Exchanging 24 yr old saline textured allergen implants-want to go bigger- 455 mod + or 470 HP sientra. My current implants are saline 300 11.9 base 4.1 projection. No drooping at all but too far apart and lost upper pole. I want more projection and fullness. If I do mod plus will different bras change the projection? Is 470 HP 5.1 projection that much different than mod plus 455 4.8? I don't know what I should choose.
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I woke up this morning and my saline breast implant on my right side is deflated. This happened with no trauma. What are my options?
Breast Implant Removal - 1 month ago11 answers
I'm wondering what to do. I would like to replace my implants but go smaller. Is this advised?
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Would 550cc/600cc or more be too big ?
Breast Augmentation - 2 months ago7 answers
Hello! I'm 5'4, 140lbs, and currently a size 34 A. I'm very small and slim up top and I have bigger thighs/ butt. I want big boobs and I'm scheduled for the 18 of April. I tried on 425cc but I feel I want to go bigger. I want Amber Rose boobs, like DD, but I don't want to be too big to take away from my butt. Would 550/600cc be way too big for my size, or would it look nice?
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