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Would 550cc/600cc or more be too big ?
Breast Augmentation - 4 days ago6 answers
Hello! I'm 5'4, 140lbs, and currently a size 34 A. I'm very small and slim up top and I have bigger thighs/ butt. I want big boobs and I'm scheduled for the 18 of April. I tried on 425cc but I feel I want to go bigger. I want Amber Rose boobs, like DD, but I don't want to be too big to take away from my butt. Would 550/600cc be way too big for my size, or would it look nice?
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My nipples have a knot behind them.
Breast Augmentation - 1 week ago2 answers
Are there any exercises to help push them out? I received breast implants under the muscle a month ago.
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Am I picking the right size and the right implant for what I'm looking for? Is the textured implant the best choice?
Breast Augmentation - 1 week ago4 answers
I'm 34 AA, 5'5", 130lbs, 14cm wide. I am considering getting 500cc Sientra gummy bear, textured, high profile implants. I want a nice full look but not fake-looking. Will this amount of cubic centimeters be overkill? I would like to be in a full D-range. No bigger than DD, but I also want to maximize my time by not having to replace my implants due to sagging. I've been told in my pre-op consultation that I have great skin. I am 9.5 from nipple to crease on left side and 8 on right side.
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What to expect after switching from 360cc Natrelle mod profile implants to 400cc HP mentor?
Breast Implant Revision - 1 week ago3 answers
I currently do not have a significant upper pole and I have very full lower volume. 360cc Inspira on left and 304 style 15 on right. I'm 5'4 and weigh 128 with pear-shaped body. Implant is too small compared to left. I want upper pole fullness and would like to also gain more symmetry. Will my implants be less wide and project more? When I lay flat, my right one descends toward armpit. Need correction. I want a more narrow looking implant with cleavage and upper pole. I don't want "big breasts."
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Can fluid build up in the breast implant pocket and cause extreme tenderness in certain areas of the breast at the end of the day?
Breast Augmentation - 2 weeks ago5 answers
By the end of the day, I can't touch or massage the bottom part of my right breast because it is so sensitive. It feels like they may swell throughout the day and are retaining fluid because I can feel sloshing. My left breast does the same, but is not sensitive to touch at all.
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After receiving my implants, one nipple is darker and doesn't get hard.
Breast Augmentation - 2 weeks ago4 answers
I had a concentric incision and had significant oozing from my right nipple the first couple days. Since the surgery, that nipple has been darker and does not appear to get hard.
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My new implants are significantly different in size. What should I ask my doctor?
Breast Implant Replacement - 2 weeks ago3 answers
Prior to surgery I asked my doctor if I could see the type of implants he would be using. He said no. I asked him if he would have several implants available to him during surgery to assist him in choosing the correct size. He said no. He asked me what size cup I wanted. I said "C." I am two weeks post-surgery and my left breast is a "C" and my right breast is a small "B". What should I do or say?
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10 days post-op BA I had right breast seroma aspirated. 2 days later, left one swelled.
Breast Augmentation - 2 weeks ago1 answer
Lab culture clean. No infection. Any idea how to get over this? Could seroma in both breast mean that my body is rejecting implants? Any chances to make recovery? After aspiration, breasts are swelling again. I'm on antibiotics. My implants are microtextured, 245ml, subglandular. Transaxillary approach. I don't smoke and I'm a thin, active 33 year old. Thank you!
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Implant is moving. What is causing this?
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago5 answers
I had breast augmentation surgery almost four weeks ago. I have 275 cc silicone over the muscle. Around week two, I noticed my implant on the left was moving, or so I thought. Whenever I use my left arm I notice it. I just tried to lightly jog today and I felt it constant jiggling/bouncing. I know the implant can move a little in the pocket but this seems excessive to me. What's causing this? Is this normal post op? Will it go away?
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I am 5'5", 190 lbs, 38B. According to my PS, both of my breasts are 14cm wide. I am very large below my hips and butt. I want 650cc/700cc silicone.
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago3 answers
I want bigger breasts, like DD or DDD. I initially wanted 650 cc silicone implants. My surgeon suggested 700 cc silicone with small lift through the areola because of mild sagging due to having kids. He said both of my nipples are pointing straight which is good.
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I'm 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weigh 63 kilos. My bra size now is 34B my doctor wants to put 400cc implant but i am afraid it will look so big and fake
General - 3 weeks ago5 answers
I am thinking of putting in 350cc or 375cc. What do you think? I want a normal size for me, not something that is huge.
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My PS doesn't recommend 300cc HP silicone but 275cc. is that plausible?
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago4 answers
I hardly have any tissue after breastfeeding my children. My BW is 12cm and my N-IMF is 5.5cm. I'm considering 300cc, but PS is concerned about the implants bottoming out and incision moving. Very afraid of them being too small. Implants will go under the muscle. I'm 5'3" and 124lbs. Please, any advice?
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Is 500cc to big for me?.
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago3 answers
I'm 5feet tall, I weigh 120 and I'm curvy at the hips and have a pretty big butt, but I am a 32C. I'm getting a donut breast lift with implants, but I have yet to decide between 475cc to 500cc. Either one will be under the muscle. I want big nice boobs but not exaggerated for my height and not too small to make it worth it. So hard :(
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Overs. Are they going to look saggy?
Breast Augmentation - 3 weeks ago6 answers
My Dr. wants to do overs 400cc. I am afraid of rippling. Or not enough upper pole fullness. Does anyone have photos of overs? Also, what are the benefits?
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I had a revision my right side. Had a CC.
Breast Implant Replacement - 4 weeks ago5 answers
My initial implants were 550HP Mentor saline and I went up to a 960 mod+ areola insicion. My right incision is uneven and makes my nipple uneven from my left. If it could just have been done like the left, they would be fine. I like my results but hate the stitching on my right. With time, will my right nipple come back an look somewhat like my nipple before it was stitched incorrectly?
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Going bigger..lift again?
Breast Implant Revision - 1 month ago7 answers
Two years ago, I got an anchor lift with implants (375cc HP under the muscle). I am 5'7" 150 lbs. I want to go bigger (maybe 600/700...or something in between). Is this a reasonable size? Also would I need another lift? My breasts are currently pretty perky and my nipples are nowhere near facing downward.
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I feel my left implant sometimes as I'm sitting.
Breast Implant Removal - 1 month ago5 answers
It's like something inside is moving as I'm reading calmly or just watching TV, or even when I'm eating. This has been happening for about three years now. At first I thought they were itchy because maybe I was gaining weight. But it was only the left one that gets very hard and itches nonstop. It feels as if something is moving inside. What should I do?
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I am looking to remove my over-the-muscle silicone implants. Can it be done under local anesthesia?
Breast Implant Removal - 1 month ago10 answers
I've had silicone implants (over-the-muscle) for 17 years. There haven't been any complications, just want them removed. To reduce cost, and to not put my body through general anesthesia, could this be done under local anesthesia? Is that an option?
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