Picking the Right Size Implants: What to Consider

How big should I go? What size is right for my body proportion? These are just two important questions you will ask during the planning of your breast augmentation. Let's walk you through the things you will need to consider in order to answer those pertinent inquiries.


Your body is the most important factor when you consider size. Every woman has different anatomy, so just because your friend looks amazing with 350cc high profile implants does not mean those size implants will look the same on you. Surgeons will use a set of breast measurements to help you find implants that are the right dimension for your body. Too big can be a factor in complications, too small can give you a look you do not desire. The most important measurement taken will be your BWD, also referred to as base width diameter. This measurement is taken with a set of calipers. It measures the width of your breasts and is used to guide the diameter measurement of the implants you choose. Other measurements may include the notch of your collar bone to nipple.

Natural or Fake

The implant shape and the implant profile you choose will be a defining factor in your size and overall look. The measurements taken by your surgeon will help guide your choice with both of these factors. The number of styles offered by each implant brand will allow you to find an implant that will fit your anatomy and give you the look you desire. Personal preference may guide your choice for a more natural look or a fake look. The look you prefer will help your surgeon recommend an implant shape and profile to give you that desired appearance. You may have heard that anatomical shaped implants will look more natural and high profile will look fake. This is not necessarily true. Your anatomy, combined with the implant shape and profile, will be what determines the final look.

Proportion and Size

Now that you have had measurements taken and you have discussed your ideal look with your surgeon, it is time to move on to your size goal. Communicating your desired size can be difficult. What you consider a “C cup” may be a “B cup” to your surgeon. Augmented breasts can be wider and are often shaped differently than non-augmented breasts, which means that you may wear a larger size bra than what you look. So how do you communicate your desired size to your surgeon? There are several ways, the most common of which is photos. Photos of ideal breasts can help your surgeon guide you on your choice of implant size. These photos will show your surgeon your desired shape, look, proportion and size.


During your consultation or pre-op you may try on sizer implants. It is helpful to bring your favorite clothing to try on with the sizers to help you decide how you feel about the look each size gives you. But before your consultation, you can get a general idea of the size you'd like by creating what are known as rice sizers. These can be made with simple items found in your own home. There are also companies that offer sizers for purchase. Some women have several appointments to try on sizers before they are comfortable with their final implant size choice.


Your surgeon’s office may have imaging software to help you visualize your new look. There are several options for imaging software like the Axis 3D Imaging and Vectra 3D XT. These software options allow you to see your breasts with different implant sizes, profiles and shapes. New software and imaging technology becomes available regularly, so check with your surgeon’s office to see what imaging software they may have available for your consultation.

Created August 2016

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