Anatomical Breast Implants

Updated on: January 23, 2019

Anatomical implants (also called teardrop or contour implants) were designed primarily for reconstruction purposes, but have since made their way into general breast augmentation. They were designed to produce a more natural-looking breast compared to round implants. When looking at an anatomical implant from the front, it appears oval in shape. If viewed from the side, it appears to have more volume at the bottom, thus making it project in a more conical fashion. The majority of the volume in anatomical implants is in the lower portion of the implant.

What Are Some of the Positive Aspects of Anatomical Breast Implants?

Some people think that anatomical breast implants look more natural than other styles. However, a lot of that is dependent on how the pocket is placed, the placement (e.g. above or below the muscle), and also the size of the implant itself. Your result will also depend on the skill of your surgeon.

There are many options when choosing the shape and size of your anatomical breast implant. They are available in saline, silicone, and gummy bear silicone, as well as low profile to high profile. As far as heights go, anatomical breast implants are available in full height and low height.

What Are Some of the Negative Aspects of Anatomical Breast Implants?

It’s possible for anatomical implants to "flip," or turn, in the pocket. Because of this, all anatomical implants come with a textured surface, which allows for tissue adherence to keep the implant in the proper position. However, there is no guarantee that the implant will not flip. Because the positioning of the implant is very important, it’s vital that you choose a surgeon who is experienced in placing these types of implants. The pocket must be precisely created. If it isn't, the risk of the implant shifting or flipping increases. If the implant flips, you will need surgery to put the implant back into the correct position.

Anatomical implants tend to not look natural when you’re lying down or in a horizontal position. This is because they maintain their teardrop shape, whereas round implants tend to spread to the side as a natural breast would when the body is horizontal.

Anatomical implants cost around a couple hundred dollars more than round implants, which some view as a con.

Updated August 2016

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