Look for These 13 Things at Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Updated on: July 24, 2018

Most women will instinctively know when they've found the right plastic surgeon to perform their breast augmentation. However, you need pay close attention to everything. Take notes in the waiting room. Take notes during the consult. Afterwards, as soon as you get an opportunity (like when you get into your car to leave), write down what you liked about the surgeon, and what you didn't like, as well as his/her recommendations for you.

This is helpful, especially when you are going on several consults. It's very easy to get mixed up and forget which surgeon said what. Taking notes is a must.

Things to look for during your breast augmentation consultation

These are several things to look for at your consult.

  1. Is the office staff friendly and accommodating?

  2. Is the office clean?

  3. Does the surgeon see you on time, or is she running late?

  4. Does the surgeon appreciate the fact that you appear to be a well-informed patient?

  5. Does the surgeon go over all the risks with you, as well as possible variations of the outcome?

  6. Does the surgeon welcome questions about his professional qualifications (which you should verify), experience, costs, and payment policies?

  7. Does the surgeon answer all of your questions in a satisfactory manner? Are his or her answers thorough?

  8. Does the surgeon discuss your motivations and expectations with you?

  9. Does the surgeon solicit your reaction to his recommendations? Does he ask you how you feel about them?

  10. Does the surgeon offer alternatives, where appropriate, without pressuring you to consider alternative procedures?

  11. Does the surgeon have plenty of before and after photos for you to look at? Does he or she offer computer imaging? If so, the surgeon should make clear that there are no guarantees that your results will look identical to the imaging results.

  12. Does the surgeon spend as much time with you as is necessary, or does she make you feel rushed?

  13. Do you feel comfortable with this surgeon? Do you trust this surgeon to perform breast augmentation on you? Are you confidant that you will get satisfactory results?

Who is a candidate for breast implant surgery?

By Dr. Jennifer Walden

Updated September 2016

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