Chrystal Stratton


Chrystal has been a member of the JBI community since booking her breast augmentation in 2009. She loves to provide help to our community members researching bra fittings after augmentation, breast augmentation while in the military, and having children after your breast augmentation. You can find her in any of our social media communities, sharing photos on JBI’s Instagram, or replying to posts in our Facebook group.

Additional Articles by Chrystal Stratton

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There are different types of breast implants. The type you choose will mean all the difference in how your breast augmentation looks and feels. Find out what you need to know about...

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4 Remarkable Materials for Breast Reconstruction and Revision

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Breast Implant Sizes: How to Choose Breast Implant Size

How to choose breast implant size? This is a conundrum for many women. These five tips will have you well on your way to getting the perfect size breast implants.

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