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orba 12-31-2019 10:10 AM

Different side profiles ,am I being fussy !
So 3 years post ,with Anatomical unders.
On the whole happy as I've got a balanced figure ( went from B to F cup ) my but if I'm being picky from a side profile my right nipple isn't as perky as the left and it seems like the implant is trying to point down !! I just think maybe the nipples weren't even before surgery so being larger amplifies this. Both Nipples are above the inframammary crease so technically I don't need a lift - yet ! ( I'm 53 )
Am I being too picky or does anyone else go thru this once in a while ?!!!!!I
Would post pics but can't do it !!!!!

albine 07-21-2022 01:11 PM

not sure but I was told that results are more like "sisters vs twins" they will not be identical looking post BA unless it is a very obvious / noticeable difference probably that is the way they are suppose to look

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