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SeekAndDestroy 06-07-2021 09:09 AM

Questions about the tear drops
Hello all...

I'm seriously considering the anatomical implants bc I am tired of getting CC. I'm on my 3rd boob job and already dreading the 4th. I want the 4th to be my last.

So questions...

Does the cleavage look odd when wearing a push up bra? Not even sure if it's ok to wear them ever again?

Also, when laying down does it mimic natural boob fall? If you know what I'm saying? If I go this route, they won't be as big as I have now.

After surgery, how long do you have to wear a sports bra for? I'd like a faster recovery than with the smooth. With my last BA, I had to wear my sports bra for 3 months and I massaged like crazy to avoid CC, but still got it in one boob...but I have a feeling my PS didn't make the pocket big enough to accommodate that size of implant in there...


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