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What kind of suture/stitching do you use

Old 04-20-2015, 06:15 PM
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What kind of suture/stitching do you use

So I think I've watched every single YouTube video you have on breast augmentation! I really wish I lived in Cali! Had my first BA 2 years ago and I received 500/550 for my pectus carnatium rib cage deformity I have and the gap is still there and my boobs look exactly the same as they did prior to surgery except bigger so now going back to same surgeon to have him do a Benelli/periareola lift on the one saggy side as well as an areola reduction on that one side and I'm wondering do you use dissolvable stitches? I noticed in all your videos your patients scars are so flat! "Jennifer Mateo" in particular is the one video that I love her results and have she on my PS that's what I want to achieve! I have not only a huge gap, one breast needing a lift/areola reduction but also have bad muscle flex deformity so he says to try and correct my issues he's going to try "weakening the muscle" by cutting it to try eliminating the muscle flex problem (I should add he did a "complete under" technique - I was also going to ask for a dual plane?... So my questions I guess for you are what kind of stitches, placement and what would you do for my issues? Below is my picture of current compared to prior to surgery..
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Old 05-18-2015, 04:56 PM
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I can't see any photos. but with the benelli lift you want you use some permanent suture so that the scar won't spread afterwards. The remainder of the sutures that I use for that lift are dissolving. Dual plane involves creating a plane of dissection both above and below the muscle. Most patients think its' something else. This is useful so the implant will fill out the overlying breast tissue if it is a bit droopy.
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