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Ask Dr. David Kim (California) In this forum, you can ask Beverly Hills, California plastic surgeon, Dr. David Kim, questions about breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures.

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Capsular contracture questions

Old 04-28-2015, 04:00 PM
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Capsular contracture questions

Hi Dr. Kim! First off, thank your for your time! I have some questions about capsular contracture.

I was recently reading the Allergan breast augmentation pamphlet, which is the brand of implants I have. I was bit shocked at the statistics referenced for CC. The Allergan Core study showed severe (Baker Grade III and IV) CC rates at 16% for a primary augmentation through 7 years and 20% for a revision augmentation through 7 years.

So here are my questions:

If the Allergan Core Study shows these rates, how do many ladies here on the forum have surgeons who report CC rates at 1%? Is it possible for a surgeon to really know what their long term CC rate is?

I have read so many theories about the cause of CC, the most recent being bacteria. No touch techniques and additional surgical devices (Keller funnel), do these reduce CC rates?

Are certain individuals more likely to develop CC? Or are certain ethnic backgrounds more prone to CC?

Last questions, if you don't mind. Once a woman has had a severe case of CC, is there anything she can do to prevent re-occurrence? I have seen recommendations for Strattice/Seri/Alloderm, Singular, heavy massage, textured implants, ultrasound therapy, supplements (Bi-Secret). Do any of these actually reduce the rates of re-occurrence? What do you recommend when you preform a revision for CC?

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Old 05-18-2015, 05:28 PM
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What I always have told my patients in the past regarding capsular contracture is that I don't really know what my true capsular contracture rate is and that I doubt if any surgeon truly knows his capsule rate. This would require calling all my patients in at yearly intervals and see how many have capsular contracture. Nobody I know actually does this. What I do know that most of the studies show the capsule rate to be about 9% at one year. Some a little less than that and some more.

So this is what I tell my patients that my capsule rate is probably similar to the studies.

Somehow this has become translated into my capsule rate is higher than others . I don't think this is true although I do operate on a large percentage of asians and asians do have more issues with scarring so this could make it a bit higher.

I suppose I should do what many other surgeons do and say my capsule rate is 1%, or even 0%. Perhaps it's because some surgeons only follow up with their patients for only a few weeks after surgery that they make these incredible claims. I guess I could say that after a month my capsule rate is 1%, this is reasonable , however the reality is as time goes by more and more people develop capsular contracture.

So you can believe what you want on these forums but my capsule rate is not higher than normal in my opinion for my patient population. I just refuse to use deception to try and capture patients.

You should also keep in mind that many of the people who post on the forums are office managers from other surgeons offices disguised as patients trying to " guide you " to the right choice of surgeon and away from other surgeons. In the past many years ago on a different forum I caught another office pretending to have visited my office and trying to persuade a patient to go to their office, so these things do happen. My staff are not on commission and have no incentive to do anything like that.
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