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Kamo 07-16-2018 03:47 PM

Explant & Lift Query
Good morning David,
I'm debating about explanting my implants - I have had them for 3 years, but recently my left has become swollen and is sore at times in various ways - sometimes a stabbing pain, other times it's an ache. My surgeon is suspecting CC, and I am going to my local doctor for some other tests.

I'm of Eurasian ethnicity - my skin is very thin. Prior to surgery I had breastfed 2 children for 3 years and was a very deflated C. I have been trawling my old photos and think that if there are issues with the doctors tests, I would rather just have them out and save the future costs and revisions and know that I am safe.

My implants are full unders, fairly large at 750ccs. I'd be interested in a price guide, and if this is something you specialise in - evidently, if I explant, I would like what I have left to be very neat and tidy and as perky and round as possible, with my currently slightly wonky nipples fixed and perhaps shrunk to match the new reduced size.

I am happy to send through photos of both pre and post operative. I've had them for 3 years - I do understand that I may have a bit less than what I started with too, and I am okay with that, though if you do any fat transfer/grafting whatever they call it, I would be interested in that too!

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