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Boobiefishlover 10-22-2018 07:35 PM

4 Months PO Pain
Hello, I underwent a 500CC HP Silicone Filled Implants Under Pectoral Muscles 4 months ago. Everything's been fine but this past week, my underarms and the side on my right breast have been aching and hurting even when massaging. My collar bone, neck, shoulder, and back ache at times as well. I saw a family physician and was told what seems to be a sinus infection is totally unrelated to this pain and to ask my surgeon about it. But he's out of town, barely responding, and calmy said to just make an appointment for next week. I am supposed to be starting my menstrual cycle this week which may explain the sharp pains in my breast, but the neck, shoulders, and underarms really don't make sense to me. Please give me your perspective on this.

Thank you

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