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Ask Dr. Mele (Northern California) In this forum, you can ask Dr. Joseph Mele of Walnut Creek (San Francisco area), California, questions about breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures.

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Symmastia Repair after B Reconstruction

Thank you for your Time Dr Mele.

I had a Bilateral Mastectomy Last May- with Expanders Placed. My Expanders were 2" apart. I had My Exchange to Salines in Sept - Mentor Smooth Round HP Size 380 - 420 ccs each.
After Surgery I had some Tenting. My Implants at the time were 1/8" Apart. My Implants also are about 1" From My Side (too far in on my Chest!)
Within 3 to 4 Weeks I had Symmastia.
I hope to have my Fix after July...As I am on Blood thinners right now-As I had a PFO/ASA repair in Dec.
(Id Like it Fixed today!)

My Questions are:

1. Will a Thong Bra Help things from getting worse at this late date?
Maybe wear it at night- so It doesnt hurt as bad when I sleep?

2. Might Alloderm Be useful With my Fix? Or is it A Good Idea to use it for sure?

3. I was not given the size Implant We had agreed on. it is Smaller. I really want to go a little larger. I was a C before Breast Cancer. I am now a B.
Will Using Natrelle Style 45 maybe 550ccs be ok? I would gain a little Projection & not alot of Width- although I could use a little Width.

4. And Adding to #3. I am hoping a larger impant can be used...Because I have room on my sides...Is the Side Pocket fix going to cause even more Problems then just having to fix my Center. Will it be a problem to move My Implants out to the side where they belong?

5. After one is Healed from a Symmastia fix Can they lift Weights? Approx How Long Does it Take to heal From a Fix like this?

Anything You Can Tell me would be Very Helpful to me.

Thank you very Much,
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Dr. Mele is a jewel in the roughDr. Mele is a jewel in the roughDr. Mele is a jewel in the roughDr. Mele is a jewel in the rough
Dear Jazzy Girl:

Your questions are too specific for me to be able to answer without ever seeing you. In general though, any therapy that keeps the implants in the proper position can be helpful. especially if it makes you feel better.

If a Thong Bra works for you then use it. As long as it fits correctly, it is unlikely to cause problems.

Alloderm is sometimes useful for symmastia repairs, but not always necessary.

The larger the implants you choose, the higher the probability of continued symmastia. You want as little pressure as possible on the repair to assure a predictable result. The implants should fit the diameter of your breast.

Strenuous activity is normally limited for 6 weeks after symmastia repair, but it will be determined by the type of repair needed, and you should ask your surgeon that question.
Proper medical care can only come with direct patient interaction and a full examination. The above posts are not intended as direct medical advice or for patient care.

Joseph A. Mele, III, MD, FACS
Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
Specializing in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area

www.CirugiaPlasticaSanFrancisco.com (para Español)
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Thank you Very Much for your Reply Dr Mele.
I see my New PS soon & will be discussing all of these Issues with him.

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10-21-2017 05:44 PM
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