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Aruebel 06-03-2021 08:38 PM

Using current 4 y/o implant just overfilling
Iíve had extensive breast reconstruction that was staged in 3 parts over 12 months. Fast forward 4 years and my ps says Iím still holding up great that I can go ahead and just fill the implants I have now, it takes all off 15 mins. I currently have a 600 shell overfilled to 850cc. He will just make an incision and fill it up. My concern is the 600 overfill to 1200, is this common? My ps normally would do it in office under local but since im a risk for rupture were doing surgery center. Also if Iím needing any pocket work would he be able to tell that during the procedure or should have already brought this up. During my visit he checked me out, had me lay flat to see if Iím falling to the sides, he says im
great. 🤞🏻

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