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Ask Dr. Tantillo (Massachusetts) In this forum, you can ask Boston, Massachusetts plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Tantillo, questions about breast augmentation and other plastic surgery procedures.

Possible Saline leak or....?

Old 10-02-2012, 10:09 PM
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Question Possible Saline leak or....?

Hi! Okay, quick question.... I want to know what the signs of a saline leak are? I am 28, 140lbs, had my surgery on September 5th, 2012 by Dr Arthur Shektman in Wellesley. I was a 34A to begin with and I received 490 CCs in my right breast and 450 CCs in my left. My recovery was pretty typical, the only thing that was a little strange was that the "old blood" from my left breast found it's way out through the inframammory incision and bled for three days, my right incision did not bleed whatsoever. Now, however, a month after surgery, I fear that my left breast is slowly leaking... When I perform my massages (morning, noon and night) only in my left breast do I hear a "squishing" sound, not a "sloshing" of liquid like others seem to hear. It's actually to the point where I feel nauseated when I massage that breast, because the feeling of that squishing around in there makes me feel uneasy. Also, my breasts seem to be very "uneven" in the sense that my right breast has dropped significantly and is very soft when I massage and feels very much like a real breast, but my left breast sits much higher, is harder than the right and is still very numb.

Is it possible that my left breast has a very slow leak, or is this just a normal healing process where one breast has dropped and healed much faster than the other?

Thank you in advance!
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