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Cupcake11 02-25-2012 12:40 PM

Internal Bra Failure - Response from PS (A little long)
My original post in a diffrent forum:
http://www.justbreastimplants.com/fo...ttle-long.html (Internal Bra Failure - Response from PS (A little long))

I posted several months ago that my right boob appeared lower than the left just after my BA. Come to find out soon after my BA the internal bra had failed on the right side (see my pics). My PS stated that the "repair had been disrupted" most likely by "some sort of activities." Ok....It's possible...

Fast forward to today... I went in for another post-op to discuss repair, as I was initially told to wait three-four months post-op to repair to let things heal and avoid unnecessary risk of infection. Ok...

A little background... I initially paid $13k for BA and a lift. I was under the impression I was going to come out with a lollipop lift. To my amazement PS stated post-op that he did not need to make an incision and was able to perform the lift (internal bra) through the areola. I figured if this got me the same result with no scar this was AWESOME and this man is a genius!

So today PS states he can go back in and repair the internal bra lift using Stratice and that I would just pay for the Stratice and the medical supplies. Which in my mind, should kind of be on him, minus any product like the Stratice. Being that I originally paid for a LIFT and he chose to do the internal bra instead. We debated the internal bran versus lollipop and he assured me they both achieve the same thing and that the repair on the lollipop coudl have failed the same way. Uh, ok...

So drum roll....... The price to fix the right side ... +/- $4k... That would put me at almost $17k total for this BA. Iím thinking you have got to be kidding me. So my SO lets PS have it in a very professional, Iím going to choke you out, manner. Then all of a sudden the option to try and repair without the Stratice is offered and that would only be $800, the cost of the meds/facility. Then... His assistant advises the Stratice is approx $2700 but you only need to use half, but it comes with enough for both sides. So my SO says, how about we find some other poor sap that is using only half for their procedure and split it with them. The assistant then all of a sudden recalls them having some on hand from surgeries that ended up not needing it. She thinks hmmmm, maybe I could just get you half from one of those and not have to order another. She talks to the doc....

Final offer, after they are sensing SO is about to lose it. They lower the med/facility fee to $500 and offer to use half of a Stratice order they have on hand for half price ~ $1350... So I can have the whole shebang for $1850... This is a lot better than $4k but still irritates me that I am paying anything. IS MY THOUGHT PROCESS OUT OF LINE???

So final deal is I can pay the $1850 and if PS is able to make a solid repair without it then I will be refunded for the Stratice. If he needs the Stratice then it is paid for and he will use it. Obviously I want to do it right and avoid a third revision for this issue but ARGHHH the whole thing is just irritating.

So is it worth the cost or should I just have him do the repair without it? He seemed pretty confident in being able to fix it without the Stratice but would prefer to have the option available to use it. My fear is that if it is available he will use it. He did talk about the risks and stated while unlikely that my body could reject it.

Im half tempted to try without the stratice and spend only $500 as opposed to 2k.

What are your thoughts on having the repair done without the Stratice? My PS seems pretty confident he can make the repair without it by "suturing the heck out of it."

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