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simpleme441 03-11-2015 07:37 PM

Help! Symmastia and Tenting
The 25th of this month will be a year since I had my BA. They looked pretty bad right after and the one that was the smallest from the beginning was high and high for awhile. It took awhile to drop. I believe they have dropped completely, but they are so close they tent ALL the time. My PS def. said it's a big issue and I should get a revision, but she gave me a total and I can't afford that right now. I paid $5080 and now I'd have to pay almost 3K for this. I've been wearing thick banded sports bra's backwards that go in between them like a sternum V panel bra. Will it get better or what? Do I need to hurry and get the revision because it could get worse and be an even worse problem? She didn't give me the size we agreed on and they're also small and I have told her every visit that I still feel like I have "nothing" and she just kinda laughs and says that's all my chest wall could handle. People and friends I know smaller than me got plenty bigger than me and they are fine and look good. Why has this happened? What do you suggest? Do you sell a cheaper Sternum V bra that I could buy from you? The ones online are expensive, like 90$
Let me know what you think, Thank you so much.

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