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Breast Augmentation Complications Use this forum to discuss complications related to breast augmentation surgery.

Nipple change

Old 08-01-2020, 02:05 AM
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Nipple change

hi there Im new to the site nice to meet you all. So I had BI done 11 years ago over the muscle as I had loose skin. I didnt regret them I loved them! They were not big just shaped out my boobs and proportioned by body. Anyway as time went on and I had a child I noticed my left breast was "sagging" more than the right. The nipple too was a bit longer than the right now. But you wouldnt really notice.

I just had baby 2 and have finished breast feeding and I noticed left nipple got even longer, you cant really see if implant has deflated but breast has alot more loose skin than the other. Anway the areola seems slightly discoloured on bottom of left boob (I have big areolas) like faded almost. Should I be concerned? If I pull the skin up on the boob the areola is a normal colour. Thoughts?
Also is 11 years too long? My boobs still look pretty good.
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Old 08-01-2020, 11:37 AM
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11 years is in the time frame that your implants might need to switched out. I would minimally go get them looked at by a plastic surgeon. If they're saline, I believe depending on the size of the hole in them, they can take a week or two to slowly deflate...
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