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Breast Augmentation Complications Use this forum to discuss complications related to breast augmentation surgery.

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Calling out all Capsular Contracter girls please

Old 09-19-2020, 05:38 AM
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Calling out all Capsular Contracter girls please

Hello JBI

Bit of a long one, i have capsular contracter, i had my BA back in 2009 over the muscle 615cc UHP implants. My right breast started to get CC after a few months of the surgery, at the time it didnt bother me, it was only a grade 1 and the surgoen offered to reopen me up and cut the capsular but i stupidly decided not to.
Over the years it started to get deformed looking and my right breast become more higher and smaller to my left breast, ive got to behonest tho pain wise it never bothered me only when i was pregnant it would flare up and burn. Every time i kept making plans to change my breast implants and sort out the CC something would crop up. In 2019 now 10 years since my BA my husband was playing around joking and stupidly squeezed my left (normal) boob really hard and it was so painful i was worried he had popped it, after a couple of weeks my left boob started to get hard and go deformed looking like the right one (in a way they looked better as now both we high and deformed) but i knew now that i have CC now in both breasts. Its now been a year and due to covid my surgey has been put on hold, the left breast which only got CC last year is very painful, it burns and stings, i have good days and bads days, i am now set to have my surgery next month, my surgoen said i have grade 4 in the right breast what will be tricky and the left one has a grade 1 to 2 (thought i think its got worse since i last saw my surgoen in March)
i will be having my implants removed, capsulotomy, breast lift and exchange of implants to dual plain postion.
my surgoen told me i will more than likely need drains too afterwards.

Now i got to behonest when i first done my BA like 11 years ago it was a walk in the park, i took no pain relief and was up on my toes bent over the shower washing my hair a few hours after (stupid i know) but i handled it so well i could of gone back to work if i wanted to the next day.
Sadly now i am 11 yrs older and i dont have that up in go in me like i use to (i am sure i have chronic fatigue syndrome) i am so scared, i am really crapping myself to do this operation... please ladies how do you find the courage to do it
I know it will be no walk in the park compared to before as this is alot full on and complicated, i just want to know truely who ever has passed through this, how bad was it?

I got no idea how i will even get myself to the hospital, i will have to drag myself there crying with a break down i guess, i keep thinking horrid thoughts and i feel so on edge about it.

Thanks for reading
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Old 09-21-2020, 04:04 AM
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Yes! Iím on the other side of this experience

Hi TattooRose! Please read my other posts and responses as it gives a lot of background (I think you can click on my name and then you can choose to look up my other comments). But hereís a quick sum up -

I, too, am living in Europe. I, too, had old implants that needed to be changed out. I, too, put it off for sooo long. I. too, needed a breast lift. Iíve recently had them replaced and had the breast lift. So it looks like weíre in pretty similar boats. Iím not going to lie, it has been a harder recovery than my initial surgery 20+ years ago! This Wednesday will be 6 wpo, and Iím feeling like myself again. Iím sooooo glad I did and I canít believe I put up with my old ones so long, making the excuse that ďtheyíre not that badĒ.

Iím happy to give you details of the recovery process and how I chose my dr, etc.

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Old 09-21-2020, 12:00 PM
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Everyone's recovery is different. I know of women who've had multiple of the same surgery and each recovery was different in regards to pain and mobility despite age and pain "tolerance". It will be a gamble. You could ask thousands of women how smooth their surgery was and yours could still be different.
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Old 10-09-2020, 11:35 AM
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it is true, the period is different for anyine
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Old 10-09-2020, 11:43 AM
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i agree with this strange person
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Old 10-15-2020, 10:39 PM
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In the same boat girlfriend...!

Our situations sound very similar! I joined this site back in 2013 when I came across it while doing research for my BA. I am back again for similar reasons, and feeling exactly the same way. My right breast always seemed higher and harder right after surgery (I even mention it in my photo captions I believe), I kept thinking it hadn't "dropped" and ignored it.
The pain didn't start til about 4 years ago, but being busy with life, work, kids.. I didn't say anything to my PCP for another year or so. I started having increased signs of CC (lots of pain and hardening) and she sent me for my MRI which showed a rupture.
I am feeling the same about surgery... mine has been put on the backburner twice as well. It's been just under 8 years and I know I won't recovery so quickly or easily next time around... but I keep reminding myself how great it will be to be pain free.
I don't have any tips for you as far as round 2 goes since I am a bit behind you unfortunately. I can tell you a friend of mine (10 years older than myself) just had a rupture and re-did hers several months before covid and she said it was a breeze for her.
Maybe making note of all the positive things to come of it will help as well. Wishing you all the best, hope you have a speedy recovery!
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Ro22's plastic surgeon is Michael Tantillo, MD

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