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Breast Augmentation Complications Use this forum to discuss complications related to breast augmentation surgery.

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Crease raising

Old 10-14-2021, 06:54 AM
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Crease raising

I had 4 surgeries in two years because I kept getting complications, either bottoming out or CC or both! It usually appeared pretty early on that there were going to be problems. they just never healed right. After my 3rd surgery, everything seemed to be ok this time. When I hit the one year mark, I thought I was in the clear, then the 2 year, 3 year....Now Im at 4 years and my crease is getting higher and higher. I dont know what this is. Is it CC? When I raise my arms the right one seems to be pushing up from the bottom. It's still soft when I massage it which ive been doing constantly since I noticed the change. You know how when you push on the top it sort of "squeezes" out the bottom? My right one wont do this. When I push on the top it's like a shelf of steel in my crease is holding it up and it wont go down. This is the longest I've ever gone without a surgery so Im not sure what normal changes look like. It doesn't look misshapen when I stand normally but when i raise my arms I can see it and I can feel the top of the implant is higher on the right than on the left. I can't find much on here about creases raising and implants pushing up from the bottom.
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Old 10-14-2021, 07:22 AM
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My friend, I fear you may be facing CC again. CC tightens the capsular fibers around the implant. It sounds like one of your breasts has a portion of the capsule tightening up again. Below, I will copy/paste an excerpt I previously shared with someone else. It's some nerd stuff that may shine some light on CC for you. (HERE is the link to the original discussion)

But definitely get your surgeon's expert advice.

Originally Posted by twinpearls View Post
I'm definitely not a doctor and don't know what exactly is causing your repeated CC. Capsular Contracture is not fully understood yet. From my understanding, it may be related to bacteria in and around the implant, more specifically, an infinitesimal microfilm on the implant. Implant sterilization is crucial, but so is the doctor's surgery process to keep everything sterile, hence the use of the Keller Funnel technique to avoid contact with the implant during insertion. But the bacteria may be introduced from other sources. For example, some claim nipple piercings may be a source; i.e., an open point in the body through which microorganisms can enter and react with the implant and its capsule. Some claim other work on the body (e.g., dental work where open incisions may exist for bacteria to enter the body, etc.) may be a source/trigger for CC. HERE is an article that might shine some light, if you don't mind "nerd'ing" out to read it all (I did read it; I nerd out sometimes, LOL). The article highlights older polyurethane-coated implants that helped ward off the problem. They've been banned for other reasons, but much of the nitty-gritty of CC is shared in the article. The body sometimes responds to the bacteria in a way that can cause tightening of the capsule; i.e., it leads to capsular contracture.

I hope you can get to the bottom of it. You may consider textured implants. The non-smooth surface is said to help ward off CC. Essentially, this was the hallmark of the old polyurethane implants (nicknamed fuzzy implants for their thin sponge-like polyurethane coating). The way the capsule entangled itself with the non-smooth surface reduced the likelihood of CC. Also, larger implants supposedly reduce the chance of CC, as stated in the article. Similarly, under-the-muscle placement supposedly reduces the chances of CC.

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Old 10-21-2021, 07:28 AM
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That's what I was fearing also, ugh! About a year after my last surgery, I definitely started to get it again. My doctor gave me singulair and I massaged it all day long for a month and somehow managed to stop it. this is the longest I've gone without it and really thought I was safe. I got a refill on my singulair and I'm massaging 24/7 so I hope to reverse it again. Fingers crossed!

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