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Breast Augmentation Complications Use this forum to discuss complications related to breast augmentation surgery.

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I'm back with a 5th revision

Old 09-21-2022, 09:33 AM
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I'm back with a 5th revision

I was gone for awhile because being on here was not helping my healing process and made me question everything about my 4th revision. Well sad to say I ended up needing a 5th revision. I had bakers grade 4 CC in my left side then the right side was bottoming out & flipping upside down again.

I thought I found the perfect surgeon in NC and did a virtual consult with her. She turned me down as a patient because I am a complicated case and not local. She explained everything to me and I agreed with her thoughts on it all. So I started my search locally by putting together a presentation of my case along with before/after photos. I contacted 2 different plastic surgery groups in my area then sent them my presentation. One group responded back with their surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction along with regular breast augmentation. I had a consult with her and we talked in depth about my situation. She had me bring copies of all the information I had about each of my revisions which was a lot since I had acquired my medical record from the botched surgeon. She requested 3 weeks to go over everything and create a plan which she presented to me and my husband at my next appointment. We were both impressed with her and decided to put my breasts in her hands, trying 1 more time to fix the issues created by the botched surgery. Continuing to go bigger is not the solution for my situation.

She removed my Sientra 535cc implants and used 470cc in the left/505cc in the right. When she opened me up she found my left capsule was 1/4-1/2 inch thick, filled with about 70cc fluid, and weepy when touched. So she needed to remove the whole capsule instead of just half of it like originally planned. The right side she overlapped the bottom tissue/facia and stitched it well so that it cradles the implant. She also stitched it at the bottom so hopefully the implant won't drop like before. At the top she opened up the pocket a bit more and tightened the sides so that the implant doesn't have a lot of room to move around thus stretching the skin/pocket and flipping like before. She said there were some permanent sutures on the outside portion that weren't doing much so she removed those and added some to the inside portion where symmastia was starting to happen due to the implants being too big/wide for my body. She planned for a 4 hour surgery but it took a few more hours because of what she found when she opened me up.

The 1st few days were pretty painful especially with the left breast having the whole capsule removed. Pain pills and ice packs helped a lot. Today I'm feeling better except for the bloating/constipation. Hopefully tomorrow the drain will be removed from the left side but if not it will be on Tuesday. I was terrified of anchor scars but so far these are not looking bad at all. My left areola is puffy but she said it should go down with time.

When I look in the mirror or take a photo I feel like these implants look a lot smaller than what I had but the size chart tells me different.
Had Sientra HP 535cc which is 13.7 dia 5.4 proj and now have Sientra HP 470cc (left side) 13.1 diam 5.2 proj & Sientra HP 505 HP (right side) 13.4 diam 5.3 proj.

That's my updated BA complication story

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Old 09-21-2022, 02:52 PM
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Thank you for sharing... sending good vibes along your way!!

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Old 09-22-2022, 05:42 AM
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Wow, what a story! Best wishes for a positive recovery this time!

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