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Breast Augmentation Stories Post your entire ba experience (from researching, to your consult, to your pre-op, to surgery, to recovery) here in this forum. If you post your story, it should contain DETAILS. Posts or "stories" that are NOT detailed will be moved to the Post-op Recovery Forum.

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I should be studying- well actually I should be sleeping- but instead here I am writing in what I will call "my live boob journal". So here is my story!

In high school I knew I had small boobs. I remember it, but I guess I didn't care. I was a girly girl- but I was perfectly happy rocking my Playtex nearly A cup bra. Life went on. So as life went on- weight gain went on. A crappy relationship coupled with my first year away at college (AKA the freshman 15) caused a significant weight gain. Along with the weight gain came some bigger boobs. I still wasn't 100% focused on them nor my weight gain at this point in time.

So fast forward about 3 years. New relationship with a wonderful man (who is now today my husband). For some reason at this point in my life a lightbulb went on...actually it was seeing myself in pictures. It was like a mental smack in the face. LOSE WEIGHT. So I did. I lost 60 lbs...and went from a size 14 to a size 4. I felt great and looked great...BUT one of the first places I lost was- yup you guessed it- the BOOBS.

So for some reason after this I realized my boobs were not where I wanted them to be- but what could I do. I was young, still trying to finish college, and I never thought a BA was an option. It was maybe something I wanted to do in the future. So I put it on the back burner and said whatever - maybe some day. Well as I got older I realized there was a ton of people with implants- and I never even knew it. Coworkers at the hospital, friends...I mean BAs were common! Here I was thinking that plastic surgery was something that a couple people did every blue moon. So one day while getting my hair done- my stylist, who is the same age as me, in casual conversation tells me she has implants. I remember thinking HOLY COW (well not cow but you get the drift). So I know she has children (which I do not yet) and I am like "wow you can breast feed?!?" She says you can and she has...and she also told me her BA was about $5000. I always thought they would be way to expensive! I probably could have gotten one years ago! So immediately I text my husband and he says that if it is something I want to do then start making some consults!

So I did! My first consult was at the previous hospital I worked at. Doctor wasn't very helpful. I paid $100 for a consult where the doctor talked to me for about 3 minutes. His pricing due to the cost of having the surgery in the hospital was very high. No talk of sizes- told me to go home and put rice in a nylon. I was unimpressed. So needless to say I knew this wasn't going to work.

Went to another consult a week after. Never got to see the doctor- which I didn't like. How can I decide if I want to have surgery with you if I don't even get to see you? Seems slightly bizzare to me. The lady who was helping me also kept pushing silicone down my throat. I understand silicone is more natural, I appreciate the suggestion, but when I sit to talk about pricing PLEASE don't only give me the pricing for silicone and then say if you want saline subtract $400. Ugh.

So then more time went on and I did more research. Found a doctor in the price range I was looking for and was going to do a consult. Luckily I did some reviews online prior to making the appointment. I found some things out that were kind of scary- so needless to say I took a pass.

I decided to look up a surgeon in the area who runs some radio ads. Checked out the website, sent an email, made sure he was board certified. Ended up getting an appointment and me and my hubs went. I met with a lady who knows about sizing and then the doctor came in. WOW a doctor! Who came in! Who measured me! He actually was in the room longer than 4 minutes. Afterward we sat with a lady and discussed pricing. I then got to make an appointment to come in and do some sizing. I scheduled that for the following Friday. I am starting to get sleepy- and this is starting to get long. I will write about my sizing experience in my next entry!

If anyone makes it through my novel- thanks for reading!
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09-26-2017 02:12 AM
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