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Breast Augmentation Stories Post your entire ba experience (from researching, to your consult, to your pre-op, to surgery, to recovery) here in this forum. If you post your story, it should contain DETAILS. Posts or "stories" that are NOT detailed will be moved to the Post-op Recovery Forum.

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My. BA Journey

Age: 36
Height: 5 Feet
Pre-op: 32B
CC's: 350 HP Round Sientra Highly Cohesive Silicone

Before I had my daughter 8 years ago I was 34B cup and pretty happy with it. When I was pregnant I went up to a 34D and then shrunk to a small 32B. Needless to say I've been wanting my breasts to come back for 8 years lol. Only in the past 2 years have I actively been researching about getting a BA and then finally decided to schedule a few consultations 2 months ago...I want to stress it is so important to research and do your homework. Like any other elective procedure, there are possibilities for complications especially when placing a MAN MADE product into your body. Your body may reject or accept the foreign object and you may or may not have the results you want. Yes, you will have to replace them every 10-15 years. You have to do the same if you have knee surgery which also is a man made object you place in your body. Man made products age with time and don't last forever. The point is, you should be realistic and aware before having any kind of surgery.

I was actually disappointed by my first choice of plastic surgeons. He actually pulled at the skin on my breast (to see how far it would stretch), measured me, said he could fit 425 CC's in me to achieve the full C small D look I wanted, and basically noted any imperfections my breast had. I honestly felt like more like a specimen than a potential patient and didn't care for his bedside manner. He was also pricing at $10k which is at the top of BA costs in NJ.

My second consultation was completely different. Dr Ferraro's office looked more clinical like a Dr's office which I preferred over the overly decorative showy offices of other plastic surgeons. He also greeted me in scrubs which just showed how busy and often he does these types of procedures. He addressed all my concerns and questions and had a great bedside manner. Dr Ferraro also said the most he thought would fit without looking fake would be anywhere from 325CC to 375CC. Needless to say, I cancelled my 3rd consultation and scheduled my BA surgery 2 weeks later!

3-5 days prior to surgery I washed clothes and bedding, grocery shopped, and meal prepped. I highly recommend buying and start eating Activia 2 days before your surgery and continuously for the next couple weeks. Activia will not only help keep you regulated but also coat your stomach so the narcotics and antibiotic doesn't make you feel as nauseas. Please see below on items that were great for me while recovering the first week:

Sargento Balanced Breaks Cheese Packs-you will probably want to eat small protein packed items the first 48 to 72 hours.

18 Mini Gatorade Variety Pack-you will want these to stay hydrated

Bottled Water-You will want these to stay hydrated

Small Foldable Step Stool-I'm 5 feet tall so petite ladies this is a must. You will have T-Rex arms and its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to reaching!

Soup-I made vegetable and chicken noodle beforehand

Nutrigrain Whole Wheat Waffles-Great for breakfast because it's dry and easy on the stomach but also contains fiber for digestion

Various Frozen Healthy Choice Meals-Just in case!

Tylenol PM-My surgeon suggested Tylenol PM and I bought the liquid kind and it is fantastic if you didn't want to take the narcotics but needed the rest like I did!

Tylenol Extra Strength-My surgeon said if it isn't Tylenol, it contains aspirin and you couldn't take it! I only took Tylenol instead of the narcotics for pain management for about 5 or 6 days.

Straws-I know some people needed to use these because using cups were difficult for them but I had no problem and didn't need the straws.

Pillows-make sure you have lots of pillows to prop yourself up and be comfortable for at least a week of sleeping at a 45 degree angle.

Pill Organizer-My bf opened all my bottles my bottles for me but if you live alone, I suggest having someone open your bottles for you and then arranging them in an organizer because you will NOT be able to open anything without pain for a good 5-7 days.

Day of surgery
My bf drove me to the outpatient hospital and arrived an hour and half early to my surgery time. Waited for about 15 minutes and then was ushered in the back and put into a gown and marked by my Plastic Surgeon. The nurses went ahead and started on an IV to get fluids in me since you can't eat or drink anything after Midnight. Was asked at least 3 or 4 times for confirmation on why I was there. Eventually my time came and the nurse walked with me to the surgery room. Holy crap the surgery room is intimidating! They laid me down on a cross like table and had me put my arms out to the side. I said I was cold so they put this foil looking sheet on me that felt amazing! The anesthesiologist started on my meds and I was out shortly after. When I started waking up, I literally felt like I had an anvil sitting on my chest which was expected but you have to experience it to really get it. The nurse gave me my Sientra ID card which read 350CC's for both sides, had some crackers and ice chips and then went home an hour later. I recommend setting the alarm on your phone to take your antibiotic and paid meds when you're supposed to. Yes, you may have to get up in the middle of the night to take your meds which sucks but it's a small price to pay than being back in the surgery room with an infection or worse.

Day 2-5
My boobs were swollen, extremely sore, and heavy for the first few days. Little things like pumping soap (use your fingers not palm to pump), wiping myself after using the bathroom, lifting my laptop, pulling up my shorts, things you take for granted were much more difficult. Its amazing how often you use your chest muscles and don't realize it until you can't without pain. I showered on day 3 by myself and very carefully. I tipped my head forward so I didn't have to reach as much when washing my hair. The only downside was my boobs felt so heavy. On day 5 (3rd post op visit) my ps removed my protective gauze and steri strips that were covering my dissolvable incisions. My incisions were starting to feel itchy at this time and I felt my post operative bra was a little tight in the band and digging into my incisions so I was cleared to wear a sports bra. I recommend buying a couple different sized sports bras just because as the swelling goes down, the size will change. I literally had 4 different sized that I would randomly switch to.

1 week
I'm in sales and work from home 2-3 days a week so I luckily didn't really take any time off from work. If you have more than a desk job you really need to take at least a week off! Walking for even 5-8 minutes at a very easy pace would make my new breasts super hard and sore where I'd have to recline for a few minutes. Everyone is different and I have a pretty high pan level but you seriously need take it easy and don't anything your ps tells you not to do! My boobs were seriously square, not everyone will be like this but it's a surprise if you aren't expecting it. Chopping vegetables was still pretty difficult at this time. Don't cook where there is chopping involved if you don't have to for the first 7-10 days. Seriously!

Week 2
Boobs are slowly starting to round out, nipples hyper sensitive, and sides starting to get itchy. MY ps said the itchiness is due to the muscles and nerves healing. He also gave me a compression band to wear only at night. I feel like the first night I wore it my breasts started to immediately drop bc my breasts were noticeably different the next day! I have to wear it for another full week and start my massages. Daily activities are much easier like cooking, putting clothes on, driving, etc. I don't have another follow up appointment until I'm 4 weeks.

As of right now, I love my new breasts and they noticeably change every few days to weeks. Like the rest of you, I can't wait until they fully drop and fluff but I'm being realistic and know its not going to happen overnight! I'll update as my progression continues :-)

**Both of the above PS are board certified, highly regarded, do not use sizers or 3D imaging beforehand**
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