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Breast Augmentation Stories Post your entire ba experience (from researching, to your consult, to your pre-op, to surgery, to recovery) here in this forum. If you post your story, it should contain DETAILS. Posts or "stories" that are NOT detailed will be moved to the Post-op Recovery Forum.

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What if I fail? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

My BA is scheduled for 21.12.18. I am NERVOUS!

I am very flat chested. I have literally no breast tissue. I donít fill a bra. I am probably an AA-A cup even though I wear a B. I have big legs and a big bum and I feel very out of proportion.

I find it hard to get dresses to suit my shape and I feel self-conscious from a side-on angle because I worry that my out of proportion shape is obvious. I donít go swimming with my kids or with my husband during good weather. I would really really love to do that. I feel self-conscious in string vests because I have big gaps in my bra. The same applies to maxi-dresses. I worry that someone I know would see my out of proportion body in a swimsuit. I am too self-conscious. I have been for years. I never swam for fitness once I was fully developed, for this reason. I want to wear a swimsuit with confidence. When on holiday, I spend a significant amount of time worrying about the padding in my bikini top/my shape in summery clothes and how I look in a bikini. I always feel bad about myself and worry about meeting people I know on holidays. I stay away from going abroad with people other than immediate family for fear of having to show my body. I donít use saunas or go swimming on ski holidays. I donít want to go on sun holidays with friends. When my husband asks, I find excuses not to. I am ashamed and embarrassed by my figure.

Last summer, I felt particularly self-conscious when trying to surf with my kids because of my flat-chestedness. I didnít get in a wetsuit again after I realised how flat chested I looked. I felt self-conscious changing on the beach for this reason in front of my husband's parents. I therefore did not go canoeing with them after this. I felt like I was missing out, like my body was holding me back from living the life I wanted to lead and I promised myself I would make an appointment.

When I went to a water park, again in Summer 18, I was left with our baby while my husband and his friend did the fun stuff. This suited me as I was too embarrassed to join in. I felt bad about how self-conscious I would have been had I joined them. It was hard to not want to join in in front of someone I knew because I was so uncomfortable with my body.

I am convinced that my concerns about my figure are affecting my relationship for obvious reasons. My husband is very supportive so it does not come from him. It is my issue.

I do not personally know anyone who has had breast implants.

Ultimately, I feel that if I do not go through with this now, I will continue to wonder and will end up doing it eventually anyway. I am embarking on a journey, I may regret it and maybe it will all come to an end without implants. It might be an expensive overall. However, I want to try this and do this for myself. I want to do water sports with my kids. I want to go to water parks, swim, go canoeing, surfing or sailing or on holidays with non-family. Whatever it is, I want to do it. I donít want to feel like I did last summer. I want to not have to think about my chest anymore.

I have seen people on JBI.com who have had all kinds of experiences and I am going into this with my eyes wide open knowing the risks out there.

I have taken my time over this decision. I have thought about it practically every day for the past few years. I had wanted to do it when I was much much younger. However, I know now that that would have been a mistake. I wasnít ready in Aug 2016 either (when I booked and cancelled an operation). I am the kind of person who, when determined enough, will do something and hopefully this gamble will pay off. I am going for a moderate size which hopefully wonít make me feel self-conscious and will go unnoticed.

I will probably end up on an emotional rollercoaster afterwards. I may feel guilt for the cost, the undertaking and my kids. I may feel down after the anaesthetic and surgery. I may feel emotional because of the changes. I may feel righteous as men donít have these issues and given the expectation on women. I will be hyper-aware of how my boobs progress and develop. I will worry. I will probably have post-op anxiety/hypochondria especially as I are going through this alone (but with the support of my husband; I am not telling anyone else). I need to remember that I chose this decision because I want to live a better life where I am more comfortable in my skin.

I might feel that my new breasts are weird in my body and donít feel like part of me. However, I hope to remember that before I got them I had nothing and felt empty. I literally have no breast tissue and am like a straight line from my neck to my stomach. I feel self-conscious in certain clothes which expose this and do not feel sexy whatsoever in my current body shape. So, while my body shape before implants is natural, I am hindered by it and am hoping that the implants will give me a confidence I need to enjoy my life to the full, even if it feels weird at first or they feel like they are not part of me.

I have written a list of my general day-to-day minor health complaints to use as a benchmark in case I start getting anxious or panicky about ***.

ē I am aware of the risks of capsular contracture.
ē I am aware of the risks of BIA ALCL
ē I am aware of the associations between BA and ***.
ē I am aware of the need for further ops.
ē I am aware of the potential costs implications.
ē I am aware of the risks that I wonít like them/will otherwise need a revision.

Some women with autoimmune diseases go ahead and get breast implants anyway!!

I nearly went through with this operation over 2 years ago and pulled out at the last minute. I have thought about doing it a lot ever since and even when I got pregnant with my last baby I promised myself I would do it.

I have put a lot of thought, work, saving and organisation into doing this.

I am looking forward to it and excited albeit anxious about recovery and complications.

I am happy with my surgeon. I feel she has been very candid and very informative. She brought the recent Dr. Clemens article to my attention. She has been upfront about removal surgeries and her first patient was unhappy with the size of her implants and going to someone else for a revision. I trust her.

I have had her surgery style considered by other plastic surgeons on a website and they have endorsed it.

I have had 3 sizing appointments with her and I have settled on a size I are happy with. I do not want big boobs. I just want some boobs. I do not want people to notice a difference.

Implant choice and reasons:

1. Chosen Silcone Memory Gel Moderate profile round smooth.
2. Mentor -FDA approved.
3. Moderate profile Ėas I did not like sticky out look of high profile in sizers.
4. 275cc as I would rather be too small than too big with first surgery anyway.
5. Not going for textured & anatomical due to link with ALCL. Therefore choice is for smooth and round as less risk of ALCL, even though risk remote. However, textured have reduced risk of CC.
6. Not going for saline as my PS says they feel less natural, although rupture is easier to detect and it is just salt water if rupture does happen. Saline is still in a silicone shell so therefore the risks are the same unless rupture occurs. Also rippling when I have little breast tissue is a concern with saline.
7. Cohesive gel is meant to be better for CC risk in silicone implants.
8. Under muscle Ėless risk of CC. Mammography is more accurate. Although there is the risk of movement of implant during sport. Better for small breast tissue. Anatomical implants can rotate.
9. Inframammary incision Ėless risk of CC.
10. My PS did not recommend polyurethane and someone on here posted that it has higher risk of ALCL and comes off even if lower CC risk.

I will keep you posted -hopefully all will go well.
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