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Breast Augmentation Stories Post your entire ba experience (from researching, to your consult, to your pre-op, to surgery, to recovery) here in this forum. If you post your story, it should contain DETAILS. Posts or "stories" that are NOT detailed will be moved to the Post-op Recovery Forum.

I have big-boob problems, now I want big boob fun!

Old 09-11-2021, 02:16 PM
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Smile I have big-boob problems, now I want big boob fun!

I'm so excited to be on my journey!


I'm petite and slim-ish (5'3" 120 lbs) with natural 32Ds. Sometimes DDs when it's that time of the month. But they're bottom-heavy and very wide set, so I don't have any cleavage or oomph. I look flat as a board in a V-neck shirt. But if I hoist them up in a heavy-duty push up bra they look alright, except they're asymmetrical (about 70 ccs difference) and they look lopsided.


I want either the "Perky" Victoria Beckham mid-size high-up boobs or "Voluptuous" Melissa Debling huge but still high up boobs. No touching cleavage (unless I mush them together with a push-up bra). Lots of upper-pole fullness.


He is respectfully enthusiastic! He's listening to all my jabbering about boobs, asking questions, offering opinions when asked. He's excited for me, excited to see what they'll look like, and also is OK if I decide not to get them.

Booking Consultations

In August I booked 4 consults: Dr Wayne Carman (October 2021), Dr Lawrence Tong (November), Dr Jerome Edelstein (December), and Dr Frank Lista (January 2022). Edelstein and Lista were the two I am most interested in. Too bad they're the latest consults. I was hoping to heal over the winter and show them off next summer.

But then, some good luck!! Edelstein's office called and said they had a 9am cancellation for the next day, do I want it? YES!! (Also it was my birthday so that way a great gift from the universe!)

Consult with Edelstein (Sep 2021)

This went well! I liked the doctor, he was informative, he listened to me, and he managed my expectations.

He took measurements and looked at pictures of the boobs I liked. He explained that I can't get the Perky style boobs without a lift. And he would do a lift if I wanted, but I didn't have any sagging and didn't need it. He steered me more to the Voluptuous look, which I'm very excited for!

His recommendations:
  • Overs (over-the-muscle). If I got unders, my existing breast mass would hang off the bottom like a flabby sack. Overs will integrate better with my existing breasts. Plus I have enough tissue on top (3 cm pinched) to cover the implant nicely.
  • Silicone. If it's over the muscle, it's important to have a realistic look and feel.
  • IMF incision.
  • Left: 265-345 ccs, low to mid profile.
  • Right: 330-415 ccs, mid to high profile.
He's booking surgery 2 months out, so I could get them in November, heal over the winter, and show them off in the spring!


The sizers were basically implants. I thought they would be more like bowls that covered my breasts. Instead, they sat on top of my existing boobs like a little round pillow and I couldn't get an idea of what I'd look like after. Also they were heavier than I expected and made the bra straps cut into my shoulders. I didn't like that. If my primary goal is upper-pole fullness, should I go with the smaller ones or the bigger ones?
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Old 09-16-2021, 06:42 AM
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I called Dr Edelstein's office and talked to Nurse Kim. I explained that the sizers didn't give me a good idea of my final result and asked which size I should go with for the best upper pole fullness. She confirmed a bigger size would have the best upper pole fullness.

Also, Dr Tong's office called and moved my consult up from November to October!

I think I am going to cancel my consult with Dr Lista. I was excited to meet with him, but he's not available until January and I'll be finished all my other consults 3 months sooner.
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Old 10-05-2021, 11:42 AM
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I had my consult with Dr Carman yesterday and it was completely the opposite experience.

He looked at my boobs and did a surprised face. He said they're great already, am I sure I want an augmentation? I pointed out the loss of upper pole fullness and asymmetry and he was like, yes OK I can see that. He didn't take any measurements.

He recommended for me:
  • Saline. So that he can adjust the fullness and symmetry while I'm on the table.
  • Armpit incision. That's what he's known for and almost always does, and is the reason I wanted to consult with him. He pointed out that crease incisions can migrate and they're usually a bit raised discoloured. I agree, the armpit scars are much more subtle.
  • Under the muscle. To cover the implant best. He said he didn't think I would have a waterfall/snoopy deformity. He showed me photos of BAs he'd done where they looked like me before, and they don't have any below-implant sagging.
I get the feeling he's more of an old-school artist who does BAs in his preferred technique and method. And he's very well reviewed in the city and has great afters in his portfolio.

With such a different experience for my second consult, I will need to reflect on what feels right to me.
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