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Breast Augmentation Stories Post your entire ba experience (from researching, to your consult, to your pre-op, to surgery, to recovery) here in this forum. If you post your story, it should contain DETAILS. Posts or "stories" that are NOT detailed will be moved to the Post-op Recovery Forum.

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Hi Ladies,
I finally have a sort of clear head to be able to write my story!
I went to 2 consults and decided to go w/ Dr. Christopher Pelletiere. I loved him from the start! He took as much time as I needed, I never felt rushed and had all the "right" answers that I was hoping for.
I have 2 children that I nursed for a total of 22 months and my poor girls showed the battle wounds...saggy, stretched out empty sacs of skin...(I called them 'goat tits' " So after PLENTY of research and actually getting sick of seeing soooo many gorgeous boobs, I decided to go forward w/ it.
I scheduled my BA for Nov. 6th (2 days after the election) and was a little nervous bc my dad and stepmom were coming up for 10 days to take care of me, the house, and the kids (they're republican) and I was hoping nothing was going to be said about our new President Obama! But it's been all good....
I went to bed the night before after taking a Valium (which I highly recommend) and felt absolutely no anxiety. The next morning, I took another at 8am bc my surgery wasn't until 12pm (I had twilight) so I was able to eat a light breakfast and by the time I got to the office I was as calm as can be...my DH on the other hand was driving like a mad man (I offered him a Valium, but he refused. LOL) My poor father was in the backseat and I bet his fingernails are still embedded in the leather seat! HAHAHA He wanted to go bc his "little girl" was having surgery. BTW, the whole time he's been saying "now, don't go w/ the Dolly Parton look"...
We finally got there and they called me back right away, I kissed them both goodbye and as a joke I took a pic w/ me of Dolly Parton and showed my dad my "inspiration" picture as I was taken away...just to give him a little anxiety of his own..hahahaha!
I changed into the very sophisticated paper undie and gown set and went into Dr. P's office where he marked me up and we talked a little bit more. As we were walking into the operating room I told him "now, don't be afraid to let Playboy be your inspiration!" , he laughed. I layed down on the comfy bed which was sort of like a dentist chair, he started my IV, and I didn't feel a thing ( he's very good at it!) and the next thing I know I'm getting into my PJ's at home! I looked in the mirror, and Dr. P had written "playboy bunny" above my bandage!
My hubby tells me that we stopped at McDonald's bc I needed to eat so I could take my pain meds so I wouldn't get sick. I was in and out all day Thursday and Thursday night. I was propped up on about a billion pillows and had a heating pad on low under my back and had my bags of peas on me at all times( that REALLY HELPS!)
I went back yesterday to get my bandage removed and to be put into a sportsbra and there is just slight bruising at the incision sight, but nowheare else.... so far they are PERFECT, even though they have some D&Fing to do. I'll post some pics in my private album, so befriend me if you aren't already. I think I'll be taking down my Yahoo group album, I just don't have time to run both right now...so, keep in touch, and thanks again for EVERYONE's support...I LOVE YOU LADIES! *gentle*
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