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Breast Augmentation Stories Post your entire ba experience (from researching, to your consult, to your pre-op, to surgery, to recovery) here in this forum. If you post your story, it should contain DETAILS. Posts or "stories" that are NOT detailed will be moved to the Post-op Recovery Forum.

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My Big Boobie Story, finally!

So, I have wanted boobs since I had children. I loved my breasts before my kids! I was a b/c but really perky and full---to the point that people would ask if I had fake breasts! After kids however, my breasts swelled to DD's each time and they were very deflated afterward.

Finally, this year in November hubby said "Why dont you just finance them?"...since I do adult work paying them off would be a breeze and they are a work write off...so I called a few financing places. Found one place that was gonna give me a great deal and they had a SUPER qualified dr (residencies and fellowships in some HUGE hospitals here in So Cal). I made my apt for Dec 17th for my consult. I quit smoking around Nov 20th or so because I knew I wanted the surgery ASAP after the consult and was afraid if I smoked he would make me wait. I walked into my consult, told Dr Kim (not the one on the board, Alex Kim) that
1. I was an adult worker
2. I used to be a DD when I was pregnant and loved it
3. I wanted FULL breasts
4. Asked what he thought was best.

After that we talked about saline and silicone...he said that he thought saline under the muscle was better, would give me less scaring and would allow me to go larger (my skin was too thin to go over muscle). So, he started out showing me 400cc's....I laughed and said I wanted them bigger, what was the max I could handle. He handed me 500's...and I said "Can I go a little bigger?"....He laughed and said 550s was the max my body could hold, and they would give me side boob...any bigger and side boob would be too much! LOL!

So, I sat around with the 550 in one side and 500 in the other and decided on the 550. Then I asked him when I could have my surgery. He asked me when I wanted it and I sad ASAP.

I had to pick up hubby on Friday (They had an opening on Friday, which would have been two days later!)...but they had one Monday. So I said COOL! Lets do it!...had to do it Tues cause the anesthesiologist couldn't make it...so I was all set for Tues Dec 23rd.

All that weekend I finished Christmas shopping, wraped presents, did two last photoshoots, cleaned cleaned and cleaned! My lovely daughter had to go to the ER Sunday night because she had an inner infection in her finger causing it to swell to double its size...so that was an ordeal! LOL! Monday was stress day! LOL! Finally it was Monday night! I laid out my clothes and stayed up as late as I could so I could fall asleep quickly! My surgery was at 730, so I had to be there at 630. Got to the dr office, and they told me to go pee. I guess I was still asleep cause I peed in the toilet and NOT the cup! OMG! I had a heart attack! LOL! They did all the other pre-op stuff, questions questions and more questiosn...and I finally was able to dribble into the cup before surgery!

They got me laid onto the table, and the anesthesiologist put in the IV...and man it stung! LOL! I dont know if he was giving me drowsy stuff or what, but I started babbling about my daughter going to the ER and needing a shot and hubby taking a saline shot to show her it was ok....and that's all I remember! LOL! I woke up a bit later in recovery looked down and told the nurse "Holy S**T they are F*****G HUGE!"...and then started laughing and trying to sit up. Apparently I was dying to leave because she had to hold me on the table and called the other nurse to get my hubby! LOL! I remember her holding my shoulders telling me "Wait. Dont move so fast"...LOL. Hubby came in and said "Holy crap! The Dr was right!"....I got dressed, in the chair and out I went!

On the way home the bumps HURT!!! LOL! Hubs has a Mustang and we apparently didn't think that it's a rough riding car! LOL!

That's my story! Apparently the nurses came out crackign up about the story I was telling before knocking out and asked him if he really took a saline shot and then proceeded to gush all over him about what a good dad he was! LOL! The Dr came out and told hubby "I'm sorry, I think we went way too big! She wanted them way too big!"...LOL! The Dr still stands by his story, that we went way too big! I gave him a heart attack at my last apt when I said I wanted to go bigger! Ha!
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