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Chelskwap 06-26-2020 03:33 PM

16 dpo pain
I am 16 days post-op and last night I started to experience pain on my side of my left breast. This breast has been higher compared to my right and my ps said that he did have to a do a little more work on this. I was actually feeling pretty good up until last night. I called this morning and he put me on antibiotics and told me to take some ibuprofen and that he is not overly concerned because I am not seeing any new bruising or swelling. Basically it feels like a dull ache all day long and of course it is tender to touch (both breast still are) on my outer lower breast. I am just worried that this is not normal! I had a full anchor lift and implant with 200cc, so I did not go very big at all. I have been trying to take it easy and I know I have not lifted anything over 5 pounds.

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