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Breast Augmentation Surgery Post-Op & Recovery Forum Please post all post-operative and recovery questions in this forum.

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hematoma, depression, anxiety

Old 04-12-2016, 06:02 AM
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hematoma, depression, anxiety

Hello everyone. Im new here just need to vent this out and know if someone has or is hoing trhough the same thing as me. So i had my ba done 3-8-2016 on the 18th 10 days after my ba i had a hematoma and had to have it drained. Dr did not take out implant and put it back in he just drained and cleaned it out. After that i have had minor drainage every week for the past 3 weeks. This last visit seems like it is going to be the last one. He took away a couple of stitches i had and put me 2 stitches where he was allowing the drainage to happen. Howevet after the hematoma insident i have started getting horrible anxiety/panic attacks i feel depressed i just dont know what yo do! I feel as if i just want them out! Somedays i feel good and some days i feel like if i actually have pain and like if im going to have another hematoma or something is wrong. Dr want me to see a psycologist he says its my nerves/anxiety but it scares me to be on meds. I am 5 weeks post op today and i have a 4 yr old daughter wich i have not been able to cuddle or hug. I have been sleeping on a couch for 5 weeks and i just havent been able to drive and now knowing that if i get in meds i cant drive for the first month is killing me.. i am the one who takes care of my dayghter bc my hub works out most of the time..luckily my parents have been helping me these couple of weeks but what am i going to do when theyre gone? What if i have a panik attack? What if i cant take care of my daughter anymore? I feel like im loosing my mind. I regret so much having this operation done had i known the damage it was going to cause to my mental health. Is anybody in the same boat as me or has been in the same situation? I need to know ill make it out of this ok. I miss my daughter so much i feel useless. Sorry for the rant abd thank u in advance for anyone who takes the time to read this. 🙋
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Old 04-12-2016, 07:47 AM
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I'm so sorry to hear about what you are going through right now. I have read it is common to have all the feelings you have after getting breast implants. I think most of don't realise the emotional roller coaster that is attached to getting implants until after we have it done. We worry so much about the size, the loom, the surgery and don't read up on the after effects. Although they are usually temporary it's hard at the time when you are experiencing it. Even having to rely on others and not being able to care for our children like we did before and it's hard because they don't understand why mommy can't pick them up or cuddle. There is a group on here called boobie blues and you can connect with others going through the same emotions and challenges which might help you feel like your not alone and that it is normal. This will probably be temporary for you but don't be afraid to reach out to others and even talk to a professional. It doesn't mean your crazy, it just helps to talk about it and even learn some coping skills. This forum is a great place for support as most of us can relate to one another. I hope this helps and keep us posted on your progress!

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Old 04-13-2016, 01:31 AM
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Thank you for taking your time to respond. 😊 i appreciate it so much.

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Old 11-09-2020, 09:27 AM
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How did you manage to get rid of it?
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Old 02-18-2021, 09:42 PM
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I'm sure you're all right now. My wife was in the same difficult situation as you. She felt that way, too, and I tried my best to help her and be there for her. I supported her as much as I could. Following the advice of our doctor, we decided to try Weed Concentrate, and it really helped. My wife wasn't allowed to drive either, but the most important thing is that after 2 weeks of taking it, she felt much better and forgot the post-surgery pains as a nightmare. I must admit that it was stressful for me as well, but we were able and will be able to overcome any difficulties in life together. I wish you all good health.
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