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It was “Revision” day, again!

Old 07-10-2020, 05:19 PM
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It was “Revision” day, again!

Today, 8 months after my first revision, I had a nip and tuck. Well he revised the pocket on the right of my badly bottomed out boob and a skin fold adjust too. The left only the fold adjustment. My experience was less than stellar. I went in, met with the awesome nurse who took vital, temp, And gave me paperwork. Anesthesiologist came in, again awesome guy. Then he tells me my surgeon is in with a consult. Meanwhile it was my surgery time. So I wait and I wait... Doc comes in states what he is going to do and mentions the heavy implants “you wanted” as almost being the cause. I did everything to bite my tongue as I wanted to rip him a new one! More on that in a sec. He then proceeds to tell me now 15 minutes past my surgical appointment, that he has another patient he needs to mark up. So I wait and I wait until the nurse comes in and walks me back to the OR. My mask was on still mind you. I had my IV and sleepy meds and off to sleep I drifted. I proceeded to wake up with another nurse at her station who comes and calls my spouse, who’s in the car. I asked to speak with my surgeon so she sighed and got him. He answered my questions and rushed out as well. She then was so hurried to ge me out and almost rough with helping me get dressed and taking me to the bathroom. Like I was seriously being thrown out fast. She was trying to force my sneakers on my feet pushing hard instead of just loosening the laces. So I suggested it as I was like what the heck.
So back to the comment. Original I had wanted Galaflex mesh placed inside with the larger implants as I knew my skin was thinner after being stretched out from pregnancy and former implants. Doc said he was unsure about using mesh but I had several conversations and even researched them citing the benefits from it. He mentioned it would be painful. I told him not to be concerned as nothing to compete with having 40 screws rods cages placed in your spine with many bones cut and then spine forced to straighten. Nothing I mean not even childbirth came close. I made it clear I would deal with it but that I can’t be down out, over and over, as I need to do PT for life for pain management and mobility. He said he would use his judgement about the mesh once he got in there. I decided to trust in him and thought really he would do the right thing especially because of me being so insistent on having mesh as extra support. So that never happened and I take off the bandages after surgery and my right one was way too low with zero support! I was super upset. His so called support bra was nothing short of a joke. So I researched and found the Shefit brand spent an arm and a leg but it was the best support sports bra ever. I have a drawer full of others that can’t compare and wasted so much money,
So thanks for reading if you got this far!!
The Tylenol is actually taking the edge off too, YAY 😃!!
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Old 07-27-2020, 02:41 PM
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I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I had a botched one and because FL protects their surgeons there isn't much I can do. I spoke with a few lawyers and the surgeon I used in Jacksonville has been there forever, knows too many people and is used as an expert witness in other plastic surgery cases. So that leaves me with 1 breast that has no tissue left in it because he removed it without permission or mentioning it in my chart, lots of lies, and no way to get any compensation for the botched surgery or the 2 I have had to try and fix his mess. I tell everyone to record everything so that they have proof of what was said and agreed on, record the conversation the surgeon has with whoever right after surgery, and some of the post op visits. We should be able to trust our surgeon but sadly some think they are god and do whatever they want while we are sedated. Hopefully with this new bra things will heal nicely for you. ((((hugs))))
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