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Breast Augmentation Surgery Post-Op & Recovery Forum Please post all post-operative and recovery questions in this forum.

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Recovery from BA and tummy tuck...??s

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if you could share your recovery stories from a BA and TT done at the same time...

How long was the recovery?
What kind of pain were you in(soreness or tightness etc)? Boob or stomach pain worse?

Any tips on how to make recovery go smoothly??

Also...just wondering, the next available date for my PS to do both procedures would be about 3 weeks before a vacation my family is planning on taking...do you think it would be too soon for a trip (not a very physically active trip but traveling none the less)...thoughts?

Thanks so much!
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well for myself.. i had Ba with benelli lift and Overs with FTT...... PAIN PUMP... get it if it is not included.. i felt good... i haed 2 previous c secs and it felt like that.. tender to laugh blow nose bumps get up... but i was ok.. i had one drain in for 4 days and the other out at day 7 I didnt have any breast pain at all.. probably cause its over the muscle... I also had urinary retention, my bladder didnt wake up after surgery so i had a cath for 3 days and i also feel it blew my MR... anyways, if your not a smoker and healthy and take it easy and wear your compression garment.. then id say you will be fine for a light vacay, you WILL be bloated... You will still wear your old pants for awhile and WEAR your garment.. whatever is given or if not get one by CUPID at walmart for 10 bucks.. I lived in mine 4 months til PS sadi ok to not but i wore it nightly until after 6 month....

everyone is diff as to pain tolerence etc...but i highly again say get a pain pump for the first few days it will make the rest of your recovery easier

I HTH!!!
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The worst pain is the muscle repair and because of that it is hard to move around. You should be fine with a light vacation, as long as you won't be doing too much. You will be bloated and I couldn't fit into even my regular size pants for a while because of the compression garment. I ended up getting a waist cincher and then I could wear one pant size down from what I was wearing.
Dr. Don Revis
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I had a BA/BL with a TT and hip lipo 11 days ago and I feel fantastic already. The boobs were the worst pain I think. The TT incision never hurt,just the muscle repair. My boobs were a lot of work with a full lift included so maybe that is why they hurt so bad.
I am in my pre-op clothes and the swelling is there but not terrible. I would say a vacation that is a relaxing vacation at three weeks is totally fine, but everyone heals differently - check out the tummy tuck boards on **********.com. There is a ton of TT info on there.

Good luck!!
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09-26-2017 04:05 AM
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