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Breast Augmentation Surgery Post-Op & Recovery Forum Please post all post-operative and recovery questions in this forum.

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Pop sound/feel = my little freak out

I am hoping someone can ease my little freak out and/or share their similar experience. I am almost 6 weeks post-op. I have had no real issues thus far with my healing, have been gently exercising with no problems either - my only gripe is my right breast is still riding pretty high...however...two nights ago I was sitting on the floor reading. My BF came in and told me he was ready to leave for dinner. He was standing over me and without even thinking, I put my arms up for him to help me up. He pulled (not hard but did pull) to help me up. As soon as he pulled I heard/felt a pop under my left breast.

A tiny twinge of pain (which may be exaggerated since I was freaking out by just feeling/hearing it) occured but then nothing. I have a 6 week post-op appointment on Monday, and because I haven't felt any pain or noticed any difference in my left breast, I haven't called to ask about this pop. I swear I not only felt the pop but heard it. I asked my BF if he heard and he looked at me lovingly, but like I was a bit looney.

Not looking to replace a diagnosis, but am wondering if anyone has had this happen to them? Thanks so much in advance ladies!
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I am 4 weeks out and get a "popping" sound/feeling when I roll over in bed from one side to the other sometimes. It freaks me out but my PS sais all is going well. I am guessing that there will be strange things happen through the healing process, but its hard not to worry about them when they are new.
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I had a LOT of that popping sound/feel. It was extremely noticeable for me at first, basically anywhere I pushed in on my boob, it popped. I was really worried I was developing CC, but I started just massaging them and compressing them a lot. The popping has improved A LOT over the past few months, and is getting better and better every day. I even went for my 3 month check up a few days ago, and my PS said all was well. I'm not positive, but I believe it's just a little scar tissue.
Don't worry! You sound like you're a lot better off than I was, and my boobies are doing great now!
But if you're super concerned still, you can always call your PS for some peace of mind.

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Im thinking it is scar tissue as well. If your not in pain anymore and nothing has changed you should be fine until your next appointment. However if its still bothering you call your PS office and they could put your mind at ease. Goodluck!
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Had the same situation when I was only two weeks out. Was walking down the stairs and tripped and started to fall. Reached for the railing really fast and as I caught myself it jerked my arm. Felt and heard the pop and a flash of pain. Totally freaked me out! Called the doc and they got me in the next day. I was told this was some scar tissue that popped and that it was totally normal and nothing to be concerned about. And actually, breaking up scar tissue is good! I would think that as long as that breast didn't swell (which could mean blood pooling) that you are a-okay. Don't fret
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09-26-2017 04:04 AM
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