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Breast Lifts Please post your questions/comments about breast lifts in this forum.

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Had full anchor lift 4 days ago!

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Old 05-02-2011, 11:14 PM
Still sittin' high, cant wait for these babies to drop!
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Just an update...Lately (since my implants have been dropping alot) I feel like I may have went too big! Yes I said big, lol. I'm praying that once I get a supportive bra that I will feel differently about them. I guess the one thing I said I wanted going into this was for my boobs to not be saggy...I can definatly hold a pencil underneath my boobs, maybe two:/ And the way they look now, they look more oval instead of round-and I hope that when they drop all the way that they will apprear more round instead of so long (making them look saggy). I also am hoping that they will also have a little more projection then they have now, because from my profile view they look really flat. All in all I know they are better than what they were by far, but I know if I could do it over I would probably would have went with 300 cc's instead of 400 and HP instead of Mod + (although my PS did not even offer HP). Just thought I would give my 2 cents for those of you who are planning on getting a lift/augmentation so you can see things from a different perspective
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Old 05-03-2011, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by #1Mamma View Post
I was really hesitant about getting a full anchor lift (even though I knew that I needed it)- I was scared that I would have that flat looking shape at the bottom of my boobs, that I would hate the new position of my nipples, that my areola's would not be as small as I wanted, etc-The list could go on and on...But the day after surgery, my PS revealed my new girls, and I never thought that I could love the outcome as much as I do. I know I have not seen the scars/incisions yet but regardless of how bad they are, the fact that the over all shape and fullness of them is so perfect that I honestly would not even care if the scars were worse than im imagining....They have not dropped yet, but I can definatly see the potential that they have, and besides getting married and having my son, this is definatly the best decision I have ever made and the results melt away all the negative comments that my inlaws have said behind my back....Feels so good to feel like me again!Thank you to all the JBI girls who persuaded me to do this for me-Dont know if I would have went through it with out you guys
You'll love the outcome..it makes a world of difference!!good choice and happy recovery
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