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recovery time after anchor lift withe implants

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Old 10-10-2011, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by AKADrea View Post
You are crazy!!! (not in a bad way!) There's no way I'd be back at work then!!! (and I'm an RN too)
It actually wasn't too bad. We have awesome PCTs so I didn't do any lifting/patient transfer/repositioning for the first 2 weeks. And of course all the other nurses on the floor knew about the surgery as well and were helping me out if I needed them. I was just running up and down the halls, passing meds, charting, ...
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Old 02-11-2016, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by benzenecocktail View Post
You gotta take into account arm weakness too. Will you be typing or writing a lot? My handwriting went down the toilet for a solid 2 weeks post op because my pec muscles were useless. Talk about unexpected side effects! Typing was surprisingly difficult too. Anything that used my hands/arms sucked and really tired me out. You will need to nap during the day. And eat frequently. Maybe think about going in for a couple half-days to see how you do. I definitely didn't think the surgery would be as hard as it was. You will be tired and uncomfortable. You will not want to work. Trust me. Be kind to your body!! If you do too much too soon, it could delay the dropping of your implants. Even little stuff like repeatedly reaching across a desk for a phone. Stuff like that. At 2.5 weeks post-op I got sick and threw up, and it caused bleeding in my left breast. Now I might get capsular contracture, we have to wait and see. So, just shows that you can damage things even if you're feeling better (I was already back at work at that point). Be careful and take care of yourself!
How did you know you were bleeding !!??
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