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2 Weeks Post Op Update

Old 10-16-2018, 03:50 PM
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2 Weeks Post Op Update

I had my 2 week post op appointment today, The infection on the vertical incision on my right breast has cleared up! Yay! I have been on antibiotics for all but 3 days since Oct. 1! Dr Hedden says my breasts look great at this point. I was cleared to begin scar therapy, side sleep, wear a regular bra during the day (will remain in a supportive sports bra at night for 6 months) and begin massaging. I tried massaging a little while ago and it was pretty uncomfortable, almost painful. I have had a hard time feeling the implants so I asked Dr Hedden to show me where they were at this point so I would know. Oh my word, they are still way on up there! LOLOLOL The bottom of my breasts look square so I asked him about that and he said that is very normal following a lift with augmentation and once my implants move down in to them they will be the shape of the implant. He also told me that we don't want them dropping too quickly so I will remain patient. I still have some bruising on the right breast and a little bit on the left. The right side has been the one that has bothered me the most. I remember waking up in recovery and my right armpit felt like it had a knife stuff in it. I suppose that side needed a little more work. Anyway, I guess that I am in that awkward post op phase where you have the blues, etc...This past weekend was awful for me and I just kept telling myself that I had been told that depression could happen. Today was my 3rd post op appointment and I don't have to see him again for 4 weeks unless I need to. After my appointment I ran by Walmart to buy a cheap bra. I fit in to a 36DD and know that this will change again and again. I have never minded paying money for good bras so I am new to buying a bra that will be pretty disposable. If this bra isn't comfortable enough I will try another style. I will update my albums shortly in case anyone is interested.

Happy healing to everyone else in recovery mode!
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