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Dent and extra/loose skin on side of breast after lollipop lift, HELP!

Old 03-28-2019, 09:09 PM
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Dent and extra/loose skin on side of breast after lollipop lift, HELP!

Hey ladies, I was wondering if ANYONE will able to assist me or relate to the current issue(s) Iím experiencing post op. So I recently downsized my implants 525ccs (right)/545ccs (left) to 345 ccs (right)/375 ccs with a lollipop lift. Prior to these surgeries I had tuberous breasts and both operations were done by different drs. My first procrdure was a disaster. I needed a lift but the dr I went to told me I would be fine without one, anyway, I wasnít. I most certainly needed a lift and my breasts were too large for my body which caused my boobs to sag ever so badly. So I decided to wait 6 months to get a revision surgery with a lift and smaller implants. I had the procedure a month ago which is still early on, but I canít help but feel like something isnít right. My right breast looks perfectly fine, but the left one, which has always been the wonky one even before my implants looks even wonkier now. NOW the areolas are uneven which werenít uneven before, (the left areola sits lower than the right one), and there is a dent and a weird piece of skin on the lower, outer side of my breast thatís near my armpit that looks loose as if itís extra skin, but when I raise my arm it goes away. Does all of this mean that I need a bigger implant on that side? Or does it mean the ďextra skinĒ needs to be removed/tightened and the nipple needs to be raised, or all 3? Or will this resolve on its own??? I asked my ps about it and he was really dismissive saying that it wasnít a big deal and that it would go away soon, but didnít care to explain why it may be there in the first place. Anyway, Iím very sad and depressed about this all and wish I never wouldíve gotten surgery at all. Iím totally distraught. If this is something that needs to be fixed, can it be done under local anesthesia in the drs office? Or will I have to go through the whole shebang a third time? Sorry for the lengthy post.

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