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Breast Lifts Please post your questions/comments about breast lifts in this forum.

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Mass - $18,800 lollipop lift & 300cc silicone mentor gummy bear

In Concord, MA Dr. Brooke Seckel quoted me $10,000 for a lollipop lift (scar around nipple and vertical line down from nipple) and $8,800 for the implants (mod+ 300-315cc). He says I have grade 2 ptsosis on my right breast thus the lift and Iím a 32c to begin with so he says for look I want I have to have the lift as well.

This seems like a really high price after browsing this forum tho I realize region dictates price. Iím debating going out of state if only to take my family on vacation with the money I save but worry about flying back after surgery.

I suppose Iím looking for advice. Iíve asked around and $8,000 for implants is typical for well-known/reputable doctors in my area so maybe this is just what it is? Wish I knew someone in my area in a similar situation.

$18,800 for my first BA/BL after 1 child at 31. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. On my first consultation July 2018 (I chickened out at post op appointment when he mentioned scarring but he was kind enough to refund my entire surgery cost although technically I should of lost my deposit) the doctor said we could do the implant first and wait 6 months but most likely I would need the lift because of the ptosis so if I was against scarring or planning on getting pregnant soon than I should wait.

Suffice to say I didnít get pregnant and got tired of putting off what Iíve been saving for for a decade.

Sorry Iím all over the place. Appreciate any insight.
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I paid just over $10,000 for BL/BA by the best PS in my area. My results are beyond amazing. I'd recommend him to anyone. I'm in Louisiana about 30 miles from New Orleans.
I don't have PO pics up yet.
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Holy Smokes girl!! 18,000 dollars?!? Thatís absolutely bananas to me. It seems like he is charging you the full independent price of both surgeries which is odd. Most surgeons knock several thousand dollars off the total if you do BL/BA all in one surgery. My doctor for instance knocked off the surgery room fee, Anesthesia fee, surgeons fee, etc from the breast lift cost because I was already paying for all those in the cost of my BA and shouldnít pay for it twice when Iím only using those things once. That cut my total back to $9065.00. And I went to the best, most well known, surgeon in my state!

I would definitely call around to other surgeons because while those prices seem within average range individually, you should be getting a major cost reduction for doing it all in one surgery. If you donít wanna travel, You might wanna see if other surgeons in your area charge less.
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I live in mass and my surgeon is in Rhode Island. I paid $10,000 for my implants and that is with having titanium mash which was almost $2000 of it. So about 8000 for the implants and I am having a breast lift , lollipop, tomorrow in office and he is not charging me. He is doing it as a revision. In any case I would think that the left would only add an hour onto your surgery so the only addition to the implant cost should be one hour of anesthesia and an hour or so of the surhpgeons time. That price seems insane. And in Concord? Itís not even like itís in the city. You could probably get a top Boston surgeon and it wouldnít cost that much. I have a couple names of surgeons at Mass General. Jay Austin and Amy colwell. Iíve also read good things about Mark Markarian in wellesley. I would definitely go for a few more consults
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07-15-2019 01:08 PM
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