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BAR Procedure

Old 03-28-2021, 08:50 AM
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BAR Procedure

Hi, I've been thinking about doing something with my breasts for a while, but honestly I don't love the idea of having implants or scars. I've always had fairly large breasts at 32DDD but I'm in my 40s now and they have been sagging more and more. Really they were already saggy in my 20s. I feel like I need to get over myself and just do it.
I did an online consultation and I'll be going in for an in person consultation in a few weeks. The online consultation, one of the suggestions my Dr made was the BAR procedure. I don't see a forum on it but it best fits the lift forum I think. It's where my sagging breast tissue is reduced, an implant added, and a lift. Have any of you don't this? I feel a little weird about removing tissue that I have, but it also sounds like a good idea. I'd like to increase the size to be fuller like I used to be. I think I'm ok with the scars now. There was a thread I saw on here that really reinforced that many of you really think the lift was worth the scar.
Do you have any advice about the BAR procedure, or just in general?
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