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Breast Lifts Please post your questions/comments about breast lifts in this forum.

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Nothing is more confusing to me right now than deciding on a size. During my consultation my surgeon and I discussed a 350cc saline implant with a lift. Now looking at pictures of other women with 350cc I feel
Like itís a little smaller than what I imagined. Im 5í4 and 150 lbs - normally 135 still have some baby weight to lose - somewhat curvy athletic build. I normally wear a small in tops with medium bottom but I do have broad shoulders. Currently I wear a 34 ďC CupĒ my breast completely sink in 😐 My question is are there limits to the amount of CCs PS will do on a first time BA with lift? Also Iím still very between saline and silicon. My PS said I could pull off either one because of the amount of breast tissue that I have, but Iím still unsure of the true difference? Itís so difficult to find real information online when I do Google searches only PS websites come up and they are very vague.

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As for size, discussing cup size is usually futile since it is very subjective and varies between bra manufacturers. The best thing to do is to find online models who have similar builds to you. Find models with boobs you like and also ones you dislike. Print them and show them to your surgeon. Pictures are worth a thousand words. You usually won't know their CC size, but you can visually determine if they are a size and shape you like. Then your surgeon will be able to determine how many CC's you need to match the goal.

Also realize that implants placed "under the muscle" (as opposed to "over the muscle") tend to get squished slightly by the muscle. So sizers, implants, or 3D renderings you see in the consultation may actually look slightly smaller after the surgery. By the way, boob greed is real. If teetering between two sizes, consider going slightly larger. If a woman has post-op regrets, it usually is because she chose to go too small. Granted, that doesn't apply to all women, but it does happen often.

As for how big you can go, the textbook answer is to not exceed your BWD (breast width diameter). This is a measurement the surgeon takes across the fullest part of your breast. If a conservative surgeon wants to follow protocol and minimize their risk, they will likely suggest you stay within your BWD. But if a woman desires to go "porn star" size, it begs the question how they got implants that stayed in their BWD. The answer is, "they did not." In other words, the non-conservative surgeon gave her implants beyond her BWD. A woman can certainly get implants beyond her BWD, but you have to find a surgeon willing to do it, as many typically follow protocol and avoid going too big.

If you are getting a lift, the max implant the surgeon will insert is dependent on your anatomy and their comfort level. If you get a lift, obviously there is concern about the incisions healing. If the surgeon jams too big of an implant in there, the incisions will have a hard time holding together (imagine your kid's dresser drawer busting at the seams from clothes jammed in). Some surgeons lean toward the conservative size and avoid going too big with the lift. Others may push the limit a little bit. In either case, there is always the option to go back later for a revision if the initial size was smaller than you wanted. At that time, the needed incision will be much smaller and able to handle the pressure better.

As for silicone versus saline...the biggest silicone approved by the FDA in the USA is 800cc. Saline is just a silicone shell filled with sterile salt water and can go beyond 800cc. Softness is affected by the filler (silicone or saline). Silicone is the softest, most natural feeling. Saline filled to manufacturer's recommended level is slightly harder. Overfilled saline (beyond manufacturer's recommended level) will feel even slightly harder (image pumping up a birthday balloon until it almost exploded). It sounds like you have a lot of existing breast tissue, so it will add to the softness.
The surgeon will probably also talk to you about different profiles.
Here is the basic gist of how the math works for profile choices...For a given CC amount, the footprint shrinks as the projection goes up (e.g., Low has big footprint w/low projection, Mod has slightly smaller footprint w/little more projection, High has even smaller footprint w/even more projection). So if you insist on a certain CC and want more projection, for example, the footprint will have to shrink. Vice versa if you want less projection. It's a juggling act between CC and profile, but that's basically how the math of it works.

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