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SparkleMotion 07-06-2022 08:48 AM

Dr. Says Iím Borderline - Donít know what to do
Had my first consult today and as expected I am super borderline needing a lift. The surgeon literally said ďthere is nothing straightforward about your caseĒ

Iím 32, 127lbs, no kids, I have a good amount of natural breast tissue so implants alone wonít do it. He classified me as pseudo-ptosis. So my breast tissues has sagged beneath the IMF but my nipples are above IMF and point upward.

I would need a lift with implants to achieve the results I want. However, it seems like a lot to go through when Iím so borderline. Even the doctor seemed unsure, my husband said it felt like he was trying to talk me out of it. Iím unhappy with my breast shape. Iím always covering them up and I canít wear any cute strappy or strapless outfits. But is it worth the time, emotional energy, permanent scars, and money (he quoted me $13-$14k)??? I just donít know.

I was hoping to walk away from my first consult with clarity and I just didnít get it. Ugh!!

twinpearls 07-06-2022 09:57 AM

Do lots of homework. Your clarity will come as you glean more data, research more, and speak with other prospective surgeons. Consult with 3-4 other surgeons, minimum. Don't be afraid to travel to find the "right one." Don't assume the surgeon across town with so-so reviews on Yelp is your best shot.

Yes, it sounds like you need a lift. If the surgeon is skilled, those scars may be nearly invisible after a year. I have seen some doctors do beautiful lifts, with invisible scars and amazing perk. I have seen other doctors botch the woman horribly with terrible scars, and no perk. Your anatomy plays a role, but their skill level plays a very important role too, in how the scars turn out. Also, your post-op care of the scars will also play an important role in their diminishment.

Yes, $13-14K is in the ballpark. Although I personally will not place cost at the top of my priority list, you may find the price varies a little as you speak with other doctors.

Realize also that there are different grades of ptosis. Mild ptosis may be repaired with a simpler lift (e.g., donut lift with less scarring), whereas severe ptosis may require a full anchor lift. It depends.

Also realize a doctor's personal biases weigh into the situation. If you have ptosis and desire to have the perkiness of a 16yr old, but your doctor thinks a little droop at the fold is most preferred, you'll likely not end up with the perkiness you want. Take a slew of Like and Dislike photos of online glamour models (or if you prefer "everyday women" you can relate to, those photos exist too, if you look hard enough) to your prospective surgeons to show them what you want. A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is an exciting time! Keep us posted on your journey!;)

Kimberllyy11 07-10-2022 03:14 PM

If you're borderline why not get a donut (mini) lift? The scars are hidden around the areola. I got one along with my implants and I'm so happy with the lift result so far! It was around the same price your doc quoted you.

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