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keim 06-08-2022 06:08 PM

scarring around nipples is ugly after lift
I got a lollipop lift 6 months ago. I am not happy with the scarring around my nipples. I got a breast aug/lift and an areola reduction. I don't think the lift was aggressive enough because my breasts seem to be sagging again. It could just be my anatomy? Anyway, the scarring is ugly and my doctor has stated that I should wait another 6 months before a revision. Does this sound accurate? I feel like other women have stated their scarring looked pretty good by this point. I had spitting sutures during recovery and this is why they don't look good.

twinpearls 06-09-2022 05:38 AM

Yah, 12mth is the recommendation before going under the knife again. Your body needs that time to heal and settle completely. That way, the chest has stabilized and settled, so the 2nd surgeon can be sure the body isn't going to continue adjusting from the 1st surgeon.

Although your anatomy plays some role (some skin scars badly), the surgeon's skill plays a fairly big role in how scars turn out. In terms of scar treatment, I think there are options to get "scar revisions" or "laser treatment." Shop around before going back to this surgeon.

As for the sag...yes it may be that the lift wasn't aggressive enough. Anatomy (i.e., less springy skin) does play a role, but I would not expect it to show up as an issue so soon after the lift. On the other hand, the surgeon's bias plays a big role. I have seen surgeons that do lifts and proclaim their work as "stellar," but the lift still fails the pencil test (a pencil will stay set in place under the fold). I have seen other surgeons do lifts and advertise their work as "stellar," and the lift passes the pencil test (a pencil will not stay set in place under the fold). So my observation is that every surgeon has a different opinion about whether or not there should be sag at the fold, and how much. That is, their biases weigh in to the outcome. So if you think you are considering a revision for another lift, I'd shop around to find another surgeon that will give you what you want.

SparkleMotion 06-26-2022 12:52 PM

Ugh I think I need a lift too and this scares me. How are you doing now? Do you know why you had torn stitches during recovery? Was there something you could have done to avoid it?

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