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Girls with little breast tissue or flat chested, what was the biggest size offered?

Old 12-21-2020, 11:36 AM
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Exclamation Girls with little breast tissue or flat chested, what was the biggest size offered?

If you are petite, flat chested, or have a narrow chest wall, what was the maximum implant size you were offered? The max my Plastic surgeon could fit was 365 ccs Hp and they look small. I wanted DDs but was told my skin could not accommodate it. Ive seen girls go from my size and body type to a DD in one surgery. Has anyone gotten from a AA to a DD/DDD? if you are petite or had very little breast tissue, what was your experience?
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Old 12-22-2020, 08:06 PM
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That size sounds about right. When tissues and skin stretch to accommodate implants that are too large for what it can support then it increases the risk of the skin and tissues thinning to the point where there is not enough blood flow and the skin becomes very fragile. It also increases the risk of other complications and visible rippling etc.

I wouldn't go off of cup size. Most people wear the wrong size bra anyways and band size does effect the volume of the cups, not just the actual cup size. A 36B is "bigger" than a 32B and so on. I started at a 32D that looked like 32B, but I had very well developed pectoral muscles, pectus excavatum, and very little breast tissue naturally. I have ended at a 32DDD. They "look" like Ds. My PS said the max she could fit was around 500ccs for HP, but she cautioned against it and she has her patients who get large/extra large implants, or at least larger than what she recommends, sign a waiver saying that they understand that the risks of complications are much higher if they go above her recommendations. I went with her recommendation (stats in sig) and after dropping and fluffing they are perfect and look a bit "big" without looking fake and I am FAR from petite.

There are a lot of other factors besides general size and body type. Breast width and height matter and amount of breast tissue. One girl can "look" like they have roughly the same size breasts as another, but there can be a lot of other differences.
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Old 12-25-2020, 11:39 PM
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Yes ive witnessed transwomen get 700 800cc Consult surgeons that do large implants

Depends on your skin elasticity and breast width
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