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mintchip 09-22-2022 12:36 AM

500 or 550???
Hi there! I have implants in currently, but since I have gained weight over the years they now look too tall and narrow for my frame and don't fill out the width of my chest. I am thinking about changing my 280 over-the-muscle round implants to 500-550 round unders (more on that later).

The sizing is soooo tricky, ladies! Can any of you help? My doctor's first suggestion was 500. My first impression with sizers was that 550 looked a little better; however, it was REALLY hard to tell (at one point, we got mixed up due to the placement of the falsies and thought that the larger side was the smaller side!!!).

I am a fan of the Tammy Hembrow/Kim Kardashian (before weight loss) slim-thick look. However, it is tricky too because a lot of these Instagram-famous people I'd like to look like are, in all reality, very lean so it's hard to compare and know how the extra curves will look on MY frame.

The thing that is throwing me is that, to me, 550 sounds like such a large cc size. My ideal is to look sexy, rounder and more filled out, and have people thinking "could those be implants or juicy naturals?" However, I also don't want to make my previous mistake and go too small...AGAIN.

To throw a wrench in the works, my doctor, who was originally suggesting I switch to under the muscle, is now suggesting I stay over since it's just generally easier to stay with the existing pocket. However, I really think it might be worth it to switch now to get a more natural look, less risk of contracture, and less mammogram interference.

What do you ladies think? Any suggestions for me on the size choice? Making a selection with the sizers is really tough. I do typically wear a padded bra that adds about 1 cup size (that's what I've resorted doing since going too small with my original surgery). Should I just add the cc equivalent of my padded bra (one extra cup size)? Does it work like that? Stats in signature :)

twinpearls 09-22-2022 07:20 AM

Profile will play a role in this too, although you didn't mention it at all.

Here is the basic gist of how the math works for profile choices...For a given CC amount, the footprint shrinks as the projection goes up (e.g., Low has big footprint w/low projection, Mod has slightly smaller footprint w/little more projection, High has even smaller footprint w/even more projection). So if you insist on a certain CC and want more projection, for example, the footprint will have to shrink. Vice versa if you want less projection. It's a juggling act between CC and profile, but that's basically how the math of it works. I hope that makes sense.

So going to more CC is only part of the equation, in terms of filling out your wider chest. You may enlarge the CC to 500'ish, but 500 with a broad footprint due to a lower profile will project less than 500 with a narrow footprint from a higher profile. Profile and CC needs to be juggled together.

As for "unders," yes research shows they are a better choice long-term, although the initial recovery can be harder. Also realize that choosing a CC and going with "unders" means that CC size you held in the consultation office will be squished a little and look slightly smaller once inside the pectoral muscle. So for that reason, you may consider leaning toward the larger CC size. Looking at implants in the consultation office, trying on sizers, or using 3D imaging is never really accurate. It's only a spitball. Ideally, you should be able to give your surgeon Like and Dislike photos of your wishes and the surgeon would be good enough to pick the correct implant during surgery. You may also ask the surgeon if spouses are allowed in the surgery room. Some will allow spouses in the operating room to help determine the desired size. But that could backfire if your partner is a boob man and wants them gargantuan! ;)

mintchip 09-23-2022 06:34 AM

I really didn't think about the whole profile thing. My doctor didn't go into that at all. Frankly, his consultations (I've had two of them) always feel very rushed. I'm not sure if he's planning to select the profile at the time of surgery or what.

Thank you for explaining that to me, it makes more sense to me now. I will make a note to discuss this with him in my final phone consultation (because I am traveling to him for surgery) prior to surgery.

Any thoughts on how to incorporate the profile selection into the size choice? I'm not sure if he is thinking of giving me "500cc" or a "500cc look." It's so confusing and I wish he was willing to spend more time with me...I find that some of these surgeons can be hard to talk to. It doesn't help that I am no longer living in the US so communication can be a challenging a factor even though I am in an English-speaking country.

twinpearls 09-23-2022 10:38 AM

Me personally, I'm fussy about getting adequate time with the surgeon in the consultation. I have scratched one or two surgeons from my list of prospects for that alone, although their work looked good. But that's a decision you have to make.

As for incorporating the profile selection...again, it's a juggling act. Some women don't want lots of projection but want side boob and cleavage. In that case, a shorter profile may be best. Another woman may want lots of projection and have a small frame to where the cleavage is already naturally ample. In that case, a high profile may be best. Suppose another woman has a broad chest that may require a broader footprint. But she also wants lots of projection. So in that case, she will need a broad profile and extra CCs to achieve her goals. Your surgeon should be able to measure you, understand your goals, and make a solid recommendation for what is best. But if he/she doesn't want to discuss it with you, you may need to shop elsewhere.

Melanincurls_XL 09-26-2022 12:03 AM

50cc is equivalent to 3 tbsps (if we were baking a cake this is like picking up a 1/5 measuring cup if it existed)
just food for thought when getting caught up on deciding cc.

how much cc translates to cup size depends on height and weight so thats something to pay attention to. Better to look for results close to your body stats and your results will translate better.

On average, a person goes up a cup size every 120 to 200cc. Given your height Id gather that youre likely around 130cc per cup size. Use that rate to choose your cc. Youll likely go up 2 cup sizes if you picked 550

My rate is around 150cc per cup size but im slightly taller and weigh more.

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