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General Breast Augmentation Discussion This forum is for general questions about breast augmentation and breast implants.

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Old 11-08-2010, 12:40 PM   #1
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No patient left behind???

Does anyone have experience with this program? I know that you need to pay some sort of down payment with them, but I was just wondering if you've heard good or bad things about them. My BA costs $6k, I already took a thousand down and will make another 3k payment next week, but I don't wanna wait until March for my BA. It seems like too far away and I just wanna have it over with already! My PS offered me a $2k discount back in September, but I didn't have the money to do it right then. But I wanna try to have it done this year before summer is here.

BA: August 24, 2011
Plan on going bigger in late 2012/early 2013 !!

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I wasn't aware you could get help on the No Patient Left Behind program. I'm afraid I don't know how it works but I'd be interested to know too!!
Pre-op 36B
Post-op 36F
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Cohesive gel textured anatomical implant (Allergan 410FM, 375cc's) overs, op date 22 June 2007

Currently suffering from capsular contracture in right breast. Hoping for a revision in the next year or so!

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SORRY so long but you should read what happened to me!

OMG..this program was THE BIGGEST mistake of MY LIFE! no joke...
DO NOT do it...i think it LITERALLY screwed me over financially..but it was too late for me to basically back out...

How it works is...they basically have you put down a cash deposit of about half or more of what your total surgery cost is. So you set up a goal of how much you need to save and set up a savings account which you let them withdrawal/deposit your money monthly from your checking account--this is to help you "save" for your $deposit down. So once you have reached about 50% of your total surgery cost--whatever you have LEFT to meet the cost they basically loan and finance the rest for you...BUT there is a huge catch which i didnt know of until i had to have them pay my Dr.

First off let me just say for starters, they charge you an initial account set up fee of like 9.99% of your total cost so they took out like $300+ out of my first monthly deposit of $500 to cover for the startup fee, THEN every month with every withdrawal they do from your checking account, they charge you a 29.95 fee, so you loose off the bat about $30 monthly out of your deposit.

THEN once you've reached your goal..they CHARGE you 15% NOT of the amount your borrowing from them..but of the TOTAL cost of what you SAVED + the money they are are loaning you. SO I put a cash deposit down directly to my DRs office of $800.00 meaning I would have only $5200 left to pay. So I eventually saved up and put down over the months with all the monthly fees subtracted of MY OWN money $2600 cash + with the other $2600 amount they were financing me they charged me 15% of that total $5,200 which was like $780 (which was BS since $2600 of that $5200 was MY own money) But they say its a "processing fee" of the total cost...

THEN it gets worse...the DR HAS to approve and agree with this program..meaning THEY have to be willing to pay the company MyMedicalLoans.com the 15% of the total cost that THEY charge the DR ALSO.

SO they take 15% of the total cost from YOU + they make the DR pay 15% of the total cost FOR your finance payment...basically meaning NO DR office would actually agree to give up 15% of the procedure pay just so a patient can use this loan program...

SO I got screwed over...

MY DRs office told me they NEVER agreed with this program and MyMedicalLoan.com was sending emails letting them know what the fees are and they basically threatened my DR that if they dont agree to pay them they will have me move my surgery to another DR who WILL accept this loan...THIS REALLY got me heated because..who are they to make me change my DR without asking me??? (I didnt know this until my DR told me MyMedicalLoans.com emailed the office saying they would take me elsewhere) i didn't choose this DR for the money--I chose him because I felt MOST COMFORTABLE and wanted him to perform my breast augmentation...MyMedicalLoans.com were actually the ones who told me my DR takes this plan and got me started in this HOT mess to begin with...they basically realized that since they told me yes that this DR takes this finance program, they had to get my DR to sign up and pay the 15%--BUT once my DR was charged and made aware that he would have to pay the 15% he did not want too--who WOULD be willing too??...SO he tried to see if he could get me out of the contract since him and his office had already heard from me ALL the fees and troubles this company had charged me and put me through already.

So while I was driving to my pre-op my DR and his staff felt really bad and tried to see what they could do to try and not make me or them pay anymore to this company. My DR tried seeing if he could get me out of this finance plan and go another route with paying for my surgery since the office realized they would have to charge me the 15% MyMedicalLoans.com was charging them. But I couldnt back out because I would just loosr SO MUCH more moneyy with all the charges and fees I had paid and invested in alreadyy....So in the end with everything said and done...I would have to pay 30% of $5200..JUST TO FINANCE $2600!!

I was paying $1560 JUST to borrow $2600 from them..so in total i have to pay MyMedicalLoans.com back a total of $3380.00 JUST TO BORROW $2600!! and THATS WITHOUT the 19.99% interest charge!! the total interest would cost me another $377!! onTOP OF THE $3380!! THEN with the 15% they were charging MY DR..in total im paying a little over $4500 in total JUST TO FINANCE $2600...
THAT is total BS...

BUT finally after being PISSED OFF FOREVER that I had made such a stupid mistake with going with this program--i made peace with myself that IM paying another $780 but its TO MY DRs OFFICE..My DR ad his staff were so sweet and awesome in trying to help me and work with me on getting this big mess resolved...but I told my DR i do not want to settle on a price other then the initial price he offered me to do my procedure at--I do not want this financial problem to come inbetween my relationship with them since our relationship is NOT about money$$ but about me and the DR giving me a new life with a beautiful new pair of boobs! So I had the office just charge me the 15% so I could just pay it and start my journey of getting over this HOT mess so I can get my boobs done and pay it off ASAP and never make this mistake again--For me to get my silicone implants done with him was TOTALLY worth $6780 I didn't want to go to any other DR. I told him other places charge that much if NOT MORE so I was totally fine with paying that much...i just would HATE to think of it as me paying the finance company a total of 30% (which basically was what i am doing)...but i let them know anyway that i would rather pay them 15% of the $5200 anyday then to pay them another cent (even though my DR office had to turn right around with my 15% and have to pay MymedicalLoans.com the fee).

I FINALLY got over it and am just looking forward to a WELL WORTH breast augmentation that I will be getting next week! for $2600...i would HAVE DEF waited and work for 2 more months to cover that!! Then to pay the INSANE BS 30% of $5200 + the 19.99% interest that MyMedicalLoans.com basically cost me. I learned my lesson and will NEVER make a stupid mistake like this again...EVER...

Another "BAD" part is..I actually tried getting out of this the 2nd-3rd month bcause this company seemed small and shadyy--but my account guy NEVER replied back to me with the cancellation fees and details..he basically ignored me and I made the mistake to just sticking with this plan...

My boobs will be DEF something I worked hard and paid very much for...so I cannot wait to get my results and love them for being beautiful + ALL the trouble and stress it has caused me!

I'm SOOO SORRY for such a long post with all this numbering, fees, and percentages being thrown out...but i REALLY needed to tell you and have people aware of this program since it REALLY killed me with all the fees and charges! Overall this does NOT financially help you in ANYWAY...it basically rips you off and costs you like 5X MORE the money!

Hope this helps and let me know if you need anymore info!!

Weight: 105lbs
Age: 24
Currently 32AA
Wanting mod+ silicone unders 375
Post Op: hoping for full C's
Surg Date: November 19th 2010!! :)

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That's crazy! So sorry you had to deal with all that
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i also posted about this company.. fortunately, i caught on to all the tricks that the company had up their sleeves before signing up... BUT it does sound appealing so it's really easy to get screwed!

i HIGHLY advise against going with them- and just say save up for it! it will be well worth it... and all the lenders nowadays have some type of trick up their sleeves... i made a post about this company before too- just search my threads!
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OMG Sorrah!! That's terrible!!! That's ridiculous, how are they getting away with this??? I'm sorry you went through this. I appreciate your post though, I'm running far away from that program and rather just wait until March when I have saved up the rest. Wow, they made it sound so appealing though!

BA: August 24, 2011
Plan on going bigger in late 2012/early 2013 !!

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Much to be Thankful for :)
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Holy fees and interest rates!

I am SO sorry. Hats off to you for retaining your excitement, and I hope you have THE best ba ever

Thank you for taking the time to explain their "program". I bet you will save several women from going through your ordeal.

"When you get, give. When you learn, teach."
~Maya Angelou
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Wow, i got emails from them too. I called, and from the very little they explained, I didn't like the set up, and just gave up instead, but holy crap, thank god you posted that! Maybe it should be a warning sticky!
-Dr. Frederic Corbin
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09-24-2017 01:24 AM
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