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General Breast Augmentation Discussion This forum is for general questions about breast augmentation and breast implants.

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Forgive me for my essay, but my mother (and some other people I know) are so against breast implants and make me feel so bad for wanting them, that I have to really vent!

1.) That it's a slutty and attention whory thing to do. I'm the least promiscuous person I know and I am usually considered the shy, quiet type, not the outrageous flirty chick. The most promiscuous girl I know is a bigger girl with naturally big breasts-she's been with guy after guy since she hit puberty and she's obsessed with her breasts-she'll show them to anyone. People think it's always girls who are Barbie-like (skinny with fake boobs) who act like that, but it's really not. Once I have my implants, I'm not going to be on display 24/7 or showing them to your boyfriend! Trust.

2.) The fake thing! I'll say some gorgeous celebrity is so beautiful, and if they've had their breasts done, there are always people who say said person must be plastic from head to toe or can't be considered naturally beautiful even if everything else on them is natural. It's very unfair. And imo it's a jealousy thing. If someone is super hot, people feel better about themselves if they say it's all plastic surgery, makeup, whatever. It's just a boob job people! Now if we're all getting our noses, lips, chins, etc., worked on yes, call us plastic! I don't think there's even anything wrong with having multiple "jobs," but a simple breast enhancement, and a woman can't be considered naturally pretty? It makes no sense. Some of the most facially beautiful women in the world are not naturally well-endowed (just like how some of the most handsome men are not the most well-endowed). Give women credit for being born with beautiful faces, great legs, abs, etc.

3.) That women who get any kind of plastic surgery must be shallow bimbos or even selfish. Not that I have lots of close friends who've had boob jobs, but the ones I do know all tend to be pretty smart, hardworking women. If anything, a lot of them seem to be harder working people in general, believe it or not. They take care of their figures, they work, some are mothers, they cook, clean. Likewise, I know women who are completely natural, but they aren't particularly bright, they're very lazy and live off of other people's $, and they spend money on a lot of things I know people like myself and others on this forum do not.

4.) That it's all about men. First and foremost, I want implants because in my OWN opinion, they would make my body more proportionate. I'm not trying to get big, huge boobs to attract a man who's only after a body. Now, if a guy respects me and cares about my heart and mind, and he happens to like big boobs, I don't see anything wrong with it. But I would never get something done I didn't want to do, just because I felt like men would prefer me to look a certain way. If I were involved with someone who loves ginormous asses or itty bitty noses and encouraged me to get ANYTHING done, it would be a wrap.
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