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General Breast Augmentation Discussion This forum is for general questions about breast augmentation and breast implants.

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Do you take your bra off to massage???

i went to see my ps on tuesday & he showed me some massage techniqes to do. theres alot of stuff i forgot to ask him about, i hate it when i do that. ive been slacking on my massaging, just do it after my shower & sometimes real quick during the day or before bed. i dont do it that long. i forgot to ask him how many times/day & for how long. i was wondering though, do you girls massage over your sports bra or take it off everytime you are going to massage. i feel like im not doing a very good job massaging over the sports bra. also... this is hard to explain, when doing the massage shown in the jbi site (squeezing the bottom of your boob to push the implant up) i feel my implant. it almost feels like it pops/springs right back up. i feel this with my index & middle finger on the inner part of the boobs. do i make sense??? i got unders & this is the only area that i can feel the implants like that. it kinda freaks me out b/c i thought i wouldnt be able to feel them like that w/unders. Thanks!
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My Dr didn't say, specifically, whether I should massage with or without the bra. So, I do it both ways, since I massage several times a day. Usually without the bra in the morning and before I go to bed. During the day I massage over the bra, or kind of go underneath the bra, if I am able.
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The same with me. Depending on when I massage, I do it with or without the sports bra. Before I get dressed in the morning, I take the sports bra off and put some cream on to massage. I do the same at night after my shower. During the day, I massage them occasionally and do it through the bra. You can always call your PS and see what he recommends.
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Feeling unders

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that my mom has partial unders and she says that she can feel the implants sometimes too. She got all freeked out the first time this happened and went in to see her Dr but he said its totally normal

Only 7 more days till my surgery!!
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10-23-2017 08:00 AM
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