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Sidesleeper 08-05-2022 08:40 AM

Help sleeping on back
Hi all,

I'm 6 weeks post op and have found since I'm not in pain any more that I'm naturally rolling from my back onto my side in my sleep even when sleeping upright or on a maternity pillow. I've even tried heavier pillows either side of me but nothing works! After googling bed restraints for old people (lol) back sleeping pillows and weighted blankets I am seriously stressing. My surgeon told me not to sleep on my side until 3 months post op and I really hurt my left breast from rolling last night. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated!

Kimberllyy11 08-08-2022 11:05 PM

My surgeon told me I could start sleeping in my side after 1 week as long as there wasn't pain! I do find that I still try to sleep on my back just because it's still more comfortable for my boobs (I'm 7 weeks post). I use a big wedge pillow under my knees and it dies help me a bit from rolling.

isitsafe 08-09-2022 09:35 AM

What about sleeping on a reclined position? I am on my 2nd week PO. I feel more "comfortable" sleeping on a slight recline, but then again, my sleep has not been that great bec this is not how I normally sleep. I have not tried sleeping more flat or less recline, will as my PS tomorrow as post op. What do you do? What did your PS say?

isitsafe 08-10-2022 03:32 PM

Just an update to my own post.. so per PS from 1 wpo checkup, he said I start sleeping w less recline and even on my sides. So this is just after 1 week. I guess this is ok to do.... But since I am super paranoid, I did question him and ultra stressed that I do not my boobs "sliding" away or having other problems. I even told him I can sleep in any position (which is a lie, but I did not want him to favor which position I preferred.. lol .). He still said it is going to be ok and implants won't be negatively affected bec mine are under the muscle and as it is, my breasts are so snug right now 1wpo. So, I will start sleeping less recline and maybe slightly angled on the side and see what happens.

I truly believe we get different answers from our PS bec our surgeries are all different, ex under vs over, cc implant, our own bodies etc. So we simply listen to our bodies on what feels better, we move ever so slowly and carefully and see how it goes.

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