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General Breast Reconstruction If you're having breast reconstruction, please post your questions and experiences in this forum.

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Welcome to the General Breast Reconstruction forum! As many of you know, a lot of women opt for breast implants after having mastectomy due to breast cancer. We want to provide an area of support to those women. Some may choose breast implants, others may choose other procedures, such as the TRAM flap, etc. Either way, their experiences will be valuable to us all.

If you have experience with breast reconstruction, or breast cancer, please feel free to post that information here and share it with everyone. I'm looking forward to growing this forum into a resource for all reconstruction patients!

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Worth the Wait :)
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Nikki, you and your team are THE BEST!
This is a great forum that can be a wonderful support and resource for all women, especially the courageous ladies who have survived cancer!

Thank you for opening this section. As a hairdresser for over 3 decades I have gone through the journey to recovery with many women having to have a mastectomy. My heart overflows with joy that JBI has reached out to these amazing women!

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Breast Augmentation after lumpectomy & RADS

Hi, Nikki

I am relatively new to this site, and just posted my story under 'Newbies' section a few days ago. I explained my history with having been diagnosed with BC in left breast, and then having RADS & augmentation after this.

I would like to figure out how to link that back to this forum, but not sure how to do it.

I feel that my story is important to share, primarily because of the difficult choices that I had to make (RADS vs. mastectomy) and the discouragement I felt when researching the prospect of having augmentation after RADS.

While I certainly understand that this option isn't open to every woman, I felt it was important to testify that it IS POSSIBLE... Most surgeons discourage it because of the high risk of complications, and without question...it is riskier. It was so hard to choose between having a mastectomy with reconstruction (and having a reconstructed breast that I couldn't feel), or lumpectomy with RADS (with no possibility of reconstruction and\or augmentation). The fact was, that I wasn't happy with my outcome after the 3 lumpectomies that I had. I almost considered foregoing the RADS, but four doctors emphatically insisted that this was NOT a good choice, and my surgeon said, if this IS your choice, then you should consider having a 4th surgery, (mastectomy).
So I created a PROS\CONS list to weigh my options (I still have this).
Both felt so unacceptable, but of course...risking my life (which was actually, the 3rd option) wasn't acceptable choice either.
So hard. I chose the RADS (six weeks of crying virtually every day, on my way to and from treatment).
Fortunately, I found the courage to go back to the plastic surgeon that I initially went to for consultation (Dr. Jewell).
As an aside, Dr. Jewell served as President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in 2005-06, and served as the co-chair of the Breast Implant Task Force for plastic surgery that was successful in returning silicone gel breast implants to the marketplace and the development of the website for patients www.breastimplantsafety.org. This is why he was one of the few surgeons participating in the trials for the newer style highly cohesive gel implants (gummy bear).
Dr. Jewell was willing to do the surgery. I am one very grateful patient.

Dr. Jewell has an incredible staff, and who patiently listened to all of my concerns (http://www.markjewellmd.com/about/dr-jewells-profile/).
I just went back for my six week checkup. We looked at my 'before' pics, and then my 'afters'. Wow...what an incredible difference. One of my fondest memories, that I will treasure forever.. was when Dr. Jewell gave me a hug after this at the end of this checkup. He knew what this meant to me.
Now that we are 'empty nesters' (having four children, between us). My husband and I are just looking forward to enjoying this time, and it is so incredible to feel 'sexy' again. I'm not foolish enough to think that I might not be back in the same boat again, in the future (no guarantees that cancer won't come back, of course)...but I am one very grateful 'lady' right now.
Thanks for letting me share my story..and I really enjoy this site so much. Wonderful resource. Lucy Lane
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